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Functional Skills English Level 2

This is a dedicated page for functional skills English level 2 revision materials including functional skills reading level 2 resources, practice tests, worksheets and other exercises. We even have a functional skills English level 2 writing a report task to help you prepare for your exam.

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FS English Level 2 Pre-Assessment

Our dedicated FS English Level 2 Pre-assessment tells you which topics you need to improve for the exam.
Take a pre-assessment now to get yourself in tip top shape for the exam.

This dedicated functional skills English revision page is set to include:

  1. Revision materials
  2. Level 2 worksheets
  3. Teaching resources
  4. Functional skills reading level 2 resources
  5. Writing a report tasks
  6. Practice papers and mock exams.

This page will be updated shortly with links to all of the revision materials.