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  1. Handy little guide

  2. Just like the actual exam papers and a good practice for the final exam

  3. The maths cards are a good buy. Simple but effective 🙂

  4. Detailed course with all the descriptions and videos you need

  5. The worksheets are a good resource as they provide lots of questions to drill your knowledge

  6. Good service

  7. I found the speaking easiest and the writing hardest so I spent more time revising this and it did pay off. Do the work and you shouldn’t need luck in your exam.

  8. The course was full in its coverage of the different maths topics. I saw all the expected topics in the exam, obviously different questions but they seemed familiar as I had done a lot of practice. The non calculator is harder I think but this may be due to my lack of actual maths skills!

  9. The course was good and I recommend to others getting ready for the English level 2 exam.

  10. Really positive experience using the pass functional skills website and service. I did the exam and course option and didn’t bother with any of the books as everything is all online now. It was what I needed in terms of a structure to work through each day in the build up to my exam.

    Karen Johnson - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  11. Easy to book the exam. The instructions provided were clear and the set up at home was easy.

    J Malik - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  12. Decimal

    Maha Ali - Admin Fee
  13. 5 star

  14. nice set of revision products

  15. Excellent service and I actually didn’t mind doing the online exam in the end which is a surprise as I don’t really like maths

    David Rowan - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  16. The English level 2 online exams were not as hard as I was thinking. The speaking exam I breezed through but I can talk for England so no surprise there. The reading exam was a little more tricky but as long as you read the questions carefully they all make sense. The writing exam was straight forward as well. All in all I was very pleased with this website and the support given

  17. ood for revision and helped me a lot to know what the exam format was like

  18. The maths course is very well structured. I am not the best at maths and have always needed to take a little extra time compared with most people. This online course enabled me to do this and take my time through the questions I found hardest. I would definitely recommend to others

  19. I can not fault the pass functional skills service. I sat my maths level 2 exam at home and needed the results fast track. I managed to book in, sit the exam and get the results back within 3 weeks. I passed and can move on with my life!

    Hinda Aldrige - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  20. Would 100% recommend this! I have been trying to get level 2 maths for years, kept failing in college then went back as an adult for 2 years and failed multiple times. Tried pass functional skills and passed first time with 88%, took me 5 months of learning. I understood maths so much more learning though this resource. Staff are extremely supportive and helpful, worth the money.

  21. The practice papers and revision cards are a great bundle. They came in the post 2 days after order, no issues at all. 5 from 5 from me.

  22. I didn’t pass 🙁

    Hawa R - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  23. Good service!!

  24. Worth the spend if you need to pass your maths level 2

  25. Good buy

  26. Sophie Garside has been tutoring my brother who has dyslexia, dysgraphia and English is his second language. I cannot tell how grateful we are for all Sophie`s support, help, patience and kindness. She is a real asset to the organisation. I wish all his tutor would be like her!

  27. I did a couple of functional skills English level 2 courses both at college and on my own. This is the most well structured and tells you what you need to know for the exam.

  28. The course for English does have everything you need. Just be patient working through it and you will get there.

  29. The maths level 2 exam is made of 2 parts. The calculator section is definitely easier in my opinion. Make sure you do the work and you should pass

    Ayako R - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  30. Needed level 2 functional skills Maths for Apprenticeship, ha previously failed with a different provider, Bought package with 2 attempts at exams passed 1st time very pleased. Thank you

    Maria - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Course (verified owner)
  31. I didn’t pass 🙁

    Robbie Dixon - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  32. Definitely worth the purchase

  33. It’s great

    Elle - Admin Fee
  34. Useful but pretty boring

  35. The course was excellent and exactly what I needed in the run up to my maths level 2.

  36. Never liked maths but got to grips with it using this course and exam.

    Chloe Turning - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  37. good service and supportive email and phone support

  38. I did the level 2 English course in just over 3 weeks and it really did help me to pass my exams

  39. A good all round service. I was worried about my writing exam but it all went fine in the end.

  40. I couldn’t have done it without this course. I couldn’t even do a fraction or percentage a month ago and now I actually feel confident with them. The course covers it all and makes it seem easier than I remembered maths, or not remembered maths if you see what I mean. Anywa 5/5 course

  41. Got off amazon, quick delivery as usual and a good book

  42. I did the online level 2 maths exam at home and found the entire experience less stressful than the other exams I have sat. I would definitely recommend Pass Functional Skills as the best exam service for this

    Esther Temidayo - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  43. fine for practice

  44. I successfully passed my level 1 maths functional skills exam on the first attempt. I found the exam straight forward and the invigilator very helpful and put me at ease. I am now studying for my level 2 maths exam!

  45. I can recommend it 100%, but most of all I would like to thank our Teacher Bartłomiej Chomutowski. the best teacher and amazing energy thanks to which we learned the basics of English. I hope that the next level and the next teacher will be led by Bartłomiej Chomutowski. I can’t imagine any other teacher.

    Anna - Admin Fee
  46. I did the course in 3 weeks and found it helpful in my prep for the exam/

  47. Passed this maths level 2 exam with a little bit of help from a friend. Getting support with your bad topics is something I would definitely recommend.

    Garry Glinton - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  48. Thank you, Oliver, for your amazing care and empathy while helping me over the phone. I needed Maths level 2 to get into nursing school. Being able to take the exam at home allowed me to feel more at ease and concentrate better during the exam. I highly recommend Pass Function Skills. Thank you!

    Sarah Shields - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  49. Excellent exams support. I did my 3 exam parts all within the same week. Did my reading and writing bits together then my speaking exam like 2 days later. In my humble opinion, the speaking was easiest and writing hardest. I found the past exam papers useful. I would definitely recommend doing the functional skills English level 2 online exam from home, so much better being able to relax in the run up to them.

  50. good buy thank you