Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam

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Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam

This functional skills maths level 2 exam can be used to gain access into University and courses such as nursing, policing, QTLS teaching route and more. The UK's number 1 functional skills course has been designed to help you prepare and pass the exam first time. Government approved qualification that is Ofqual regulated. An Exam pack worth Β£119.99 is included with every exam purchase and is posted to you!

From: £149.00
Only days hours minutes left at this price!
  • Get into University, Nursing, Policing, Apprenticeships & More with this Qualification
  • Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam - Ofqual Regulated
  • The UK's Number 1 Course - Highest First Time Pass Rates

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Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam:


Can I take functional skills exams online?

Pass Functional skills offers level 2 functional skills maths online, where you are able to take the exam in the comfort of your own home. This means you will be able to take the exam on your laptop or computer in your house, with an invigilator watching you via webcam.


Will it be accepted?

All our exams are Ofqual-approved and will be accepted everywhere. We work with City & Guilds and Open awards to deliver our exams. The functional skills Maths exam is considered a GCSE Equivalency, equal to a Level 4 or GCSE grade C pass.


What’s included?

  • Registration fee with the exam board
  • Both Paper and Electronic certification
  • One Level 2 Maths Functional Skills online exam.


Using Numbers:

This section includes basic calculations, as well as calculations involving fractions, percentages and decimals. This section gives you the building-blocks to answer more contextualised questions later on in the course.


Understanding Measure, Shape and Space:

In this section, you will get to grips with some problems involving money, as well as test your ability with shapes, areas and volume. This section will put what you have learned in the first section to the test.


Handling Information and Data:

This section will test your knowledge of the mean, median, mode and range, as well as some simple probability. You will need a firm grasp of fractions and decimals, as well as calculating with them, to succeed here.


Entry requirements:

There are no entry requirements for this qualification. All you will need is access to a computer and a stable internet connection. For those who need reasonable exam adjustment, please allow at least 20 working days for this to be applied to your exam.


Technical requirements:

The exam is sat remotely, so you will need the following equipment:

  • Laptop/Desktop Microsoft Windows or Mac.
  • A webcam and microphone. Usually, these are built into your laptop but be purchased cheaply if required.
  • Wi-Fi connection, Minimum requirements 1 Mbit Upload, 10Mbit Download. (Hotspots, Mobile or otherwise are not allowed)
  • Zoom desktop app needs to be downloaded and installed.


On the day of the exam:

On the day of the exam, you will need to position yourself in a quiet room that is suitable for exam conditions to take place. Nobody will be allowed into the room during the exam, and you will not be allowed to leave for the duration of the exam. You will need to show a valid form of photo ID, for details please ask our team. For the Functional skills Maths level 2 exam, you will be allowed to bring a non-scientific calculator. Please ask for more details if you are unsure.


When can I take the exam?

Exams take place Monday-Saturday. We offer a wide range of dates- these can be seen on the calendar. You can select a date in as little as 5 days time, or book as far in advance as you wish. The further in advance you book, the cheaper the exam.


When will I get my certificate?

We offer functional skills maths level 2 fast track results, meaning from the day you complete your exam, results are usually delivered within 2 weeks. Digital exam certificates are then issued within 24 hours of your results, with paper certificates to follow after. Please be aware you must have paid off your payment plan fully before results can be released.



We have the option of 2 exam boards: Open Awards and City & Guilds. Both provide nationally recognised qualifications in functional skills Mathematics. We typically use Open Awards, as they provide the best experience for the student. However, if you would prefer another exam board, please let us know and will accommodate for your preference.


Why take a functional skills Maths Level 2?

Functional Skills Maths can help develop your career or land that job you've always wanted. Many employers look for Level 2 qualifications in Maths before they consider hiring a candidate. Maths skills are also really beneficial for your day-to-day life. You can make sure your phone bill is correct, work out discounts to make sure you get the best deal, and budget your income. Importantly, Functional Skills Maths Level 2 could be the what you need to pursue your education, be it getting into sixth form college, university, or things like teacher training. Basic Maths skills are key to these applications.


Functional skills or GCSE?

Functional Skills Level 2 is a much more accessible qualification when compared to a GCSE. Functional skills level 2 contains only about 30% of the content that a full GCSE contains, meaning you can focus your revision on a much smaller area. GCSE exams can only be taken in summer and November, whereas functional skills exams can be sat 365 days a year. Functional Skills are also more accessible. Typically, people study for 2 years before taking their GCSEs, and exams run only twice a year. With Functional Skills, you can take your exam whenever you feel ready, with exams running 6 times a week, all year round.


What are some typical progression routes with a level 2 qualification?

Obtaining a level 2 qualification opens a huge number of doors in both education and employment. Maths Level 2 qualifications are needed to go onto college to study for A Levels, and are often requirements to get into university, too. Maths Level 2 is usually also a requirement when applying to entry level and apprenticeship roles with organisations such as the Police and the NHS, as well as occupations like teaching, midwifery, and social care.

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Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Online Exam

The Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Online Exam that we offer can be taken from anywhere. With Pass Functional Skills, you are able to take the online exam from your own home as long as you have a stable internet connection. You can purchase the functional skills maths level 2 exam only or you can purchase our online course alongside the exam which entitles you to a free resit if you do not pass first time.

  • After booking, you can select the date and time of your exam with the 'book later' option.

  • Once the exam date has arrived, you will be emailed by one of our Ofqual-approved invigilators, who will help you set up your exam.

  • We have fast track functional skills Maths level 2 results. Once your exam has been completed, you will usually receive your results within 2 weeks.

  • After you have passed, you will be awarded an official functional skills certificate from the awarding body.

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Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Online Course Features

Initial Assessment

Subject Knowledge Assessment

Multimedia Learning Resources

Mock Exams

Progress Tracking

Online Delivery

Maths Level 2 Exam Pack

Each student that purchases a functional skills level 2 maths exam will receive a free exam pack worth Β£119.99 sent to them through the post.

The exam pack contains a a booklet that includes lots of important information for your maths level 2 functional skills exam, including how the exam works, what happens on the day, as well as our terms and conditions, and lots of helpful tools to help you prepare ahead of your level 2 maths test online.

On top of this, you will receive Pass Functional Skills mock exam papers for you to use to practice during your revision. Click the buttons below to view the mark schemes for these papers.

Find out more about the Maths Level 2 exam pack.

Paper 1 Mark Scheme Paper 2 Mark Scheme

Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Online Exam FAQs

All you will need for your maths level 2 functional skills exam is a laptop or computer on a stable internet connection with a working webcam and microphone. This is to be able to effectively communicate with your invigilator using Zoom.

The functional skills level 2 qualification is Ofqual-approved. This means that the qualification is an official, UK government-approved qualification that is equivalent to a GCSE, or a level 2 qualification. Universities and colleges as well as employers in the UK recognise this qualification as a GCSE equivalent.

After booking your level 2 maths exam, you can select any date you like, and take the exam with as little notice as 1 day. Typically, you will find discounted exam prices for booking well in to the future, a little bit like booking your holidays.Β Β 

The resit is free if you have selected the ‘course’ option. If you have selected ‘exam only’, then our resit support team will contact you and look to help you with booking a resit, but there will be a fee to take the exam again unless you have purchased the course.Β Β 

If you look to cancel your exam within 14 days of booking, then a full refund will be provided, minus a small administration fee for the work undertaken. The exceptions to this rule are:Β 

  1. You have taken the exam during this time.
  2. You have purchased the exam with a date that is within 2 weeks. This is considered a fast track booking which means we pay for the exam and invigilation space straight after the booking is made to ensure we can secure the exam timeslot. Therefore, no refunds can be provided for these exams.

We offer fast track functional skills level 2 results so from the day you complete your exam, results are usually delivered within 2 weeks, sometimes within a week. Your results will arrive via email, and if successful, a certificate will follow shortly after.Β 

The functional skills qualification is recognised by all training providers as a GCSE equivalent, and is widely accepted as such by colleges and universities as well as employers.

The pass mark for each paper can vary, as some papers can be slightly more difficult than others. In general, the harder the paper, the lower the pass mark, in order to compensate for the difficulty.

The Maths exam is split up into two key sections. The first of these two, the non-calculator section, lasts 30 minutes and makes up 15 marks in total. The second section, the calculator section, lasts 90 minutes and makes up 45 marks in total. The total duration of the exam is 2 hours.

Yes, we do everything we can to ensure learners have the reasonable adjustments they need. The exam board requires 20 working days notice in order to process this.

The Functional Skills Level 2 qualification in Maths demonstrates your ability to apply mathematical skills in practical, real-life situations, making you a valuable asset to employers.

The qualification could open doors to jobs in sectors such as Health and Social Care, Construction and Trades, Education, Business and Finance, and roles in the public sector.

This qualification offers you the flexibility to pursue a wide range of careers, depending on your interests and goals.

A Functional Skills Level 2 qualification in Maths can open several educational pathways. These include advancing to A-Levels. Some colleges now accept Functional Skills Maths as an entry requirement for certain A-Level subjects

Many apprenticeship programmes accept Functional Skills Maths as part of their entry requirements, including those across Engineering, Health and Social Care, IT, and Business Administration.

You could also pursue higher education diplomas, which are designed for adults returning to education and can lead to university courses.

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  1. Did the exam and results back just over a week. A smooth process all the way through and good communication. I don’t like maths so having people that get this and help you through it was a relief. Totally different to school.

    Charles Bell - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  2. The functional skills maths level 2 exam was 2 hours long and had non calucaltor section with a calculator part after. I found the first bit hardest but managed to get 70% overall so it didn’t matter as its just a pass or fail exam so as long as you get like 60% I think this is fine to get the certificate.

    Alisha Rehal - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  3. The functional skills maths level 2 exam was 2 hours long and had non calucaltor section with a calculator part after. I found the first bit hardest but managed to get 70% overall so it didn’t matter as its just a pass or fail exam so as long as you get like 60% I think this is fine to get the certificate.

    Alisha Rehal - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  4. It did take me 2 goes to pass this exam. I didn’t get the course or free resit that comes with it so I had to pay again which was really annoying. Now I am in my job I can see it was worth it but wish I had just got my maths at school and saved the expense

    D Crisp - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  5. Impeccable service. Got the help from the get go and all the way through to the exam. I found doing it all at home much less stressful than my school days.

    Ben Stratton - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  6. The exam went well and passed with flying colours!

    T Vandries - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  7. Happy with the all round service

    M Grenstreet - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  8. Really positive experience using the pass functional skills website and service. I did the exam and course option and didn’t bother with any of the books as everything is all online now. It was what I needed in terms of a structure to work through each day in the build up to my exam.

    Karen Johnson - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  9. Easy to book the exam. The instructions provided were clear and the set up at home was easy.

    J Malik - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
  10. Excellent service and I actually didn’t mind doing the online exam in the end which is a surprise as I don’t really like maths

    David Rowan - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Exam (verified owner)
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