Functional Skills For Colleges

Functional Skills For Colleges

We help Colleges and tutors across the country with their functional skills provision, helping to improve the rate of progress and overall distance travelled for each student resulting in higher pass rates at level 1 and level 2.

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Free Diagnostic Tests

Initial assessments and diagnostic tests

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Free Initial Assessments

At Pass Functional Skills we have a dedicated service for Colleges that enables you to select the service that is right for your students and College. Whether you are a tutor, subject lead or the principal, we work with all those involved with functional skills to ensure you get the service that makes a difference to your College.

The first step that most Colleges take is to register for our free initial assessments. Our initial assessments are the most advanced diagnostic tests available for functional skills maths and English qualifications, giving a much better insight into the capabilities of each individual student. Through our platform, you can attach each student to your teacher account to track their progress and assessment outcomes. You can register as many learners as you wish for no fee. To understand how this works, either book a demo or register directly via the button below.

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Maths and English Courses

The Pass Functional Skills courses transform student outcomes with higher first time pass rates. We have bespoke courses for maths and English at both level 1 and level 2 which include video tutorials, practice questions and exam style questions as well as mock exams for each major exam board. The course progress is tracked with reporting on progress and distance travelled being relayed back to the teacher login account. You can see the top level progress of each student as well as dive into the granular detail about the types of questions they are struggling on. The learning system provides more insightful feedback, saves on tutor preparation time and most importantly improves assessment outcomes with higher first time pass rates.

The Pass Functional Skills courses are built by our team of software engineers and content specialists. We also have a dedicated in-house support team so that you can ask for help at any time through various channels, whether that be live chat, email or a phone call. We understand the desire for Colleges to have a bespoke service that works for them, which is why we operate a little differently to most technology companies by putting education first which means having open lines of communication where there is always someone you can speak to. To see how the full course access works from both a student and tutor perspective, book a demo today.

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Physical Resources

We offer the full suite of educational support services including exams, courses, tutor support and physical resources. We supply Colleges across the country with all types of revision products, examples of a few can be accessed below.

We have revision materials for both subjects and levels to help support learners in different ways. We also have a dedicated College ordering process with heavily discounted pricing.

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Pass Functional Skills Guarantees

These are our guarantees to you



We guarantee that our courses result in higher pass rates. We believe our course content is better than the other providers out there as we build the software and make the content in house and have full control over the improvements we make. From pre-assessments, to full mock exams, the online courses offer everything you’d expect and a little more..



We will beat any like for like service on price and ensure each and every learner gets the support they need to obtain their maths and English qualifications. We can provide everything including physical revision products, tuition, and courses as well as the exams. Your learners won’t need to go anywhere else to revise and pass their functional skills.



We are open 6 days a week and can be contacted by phone, email and live chat. You and your learners will always be able to speak with someone who knows what they are talking about. Our dedicated tutors are trained professionals who help learners to achieve success in as short a time frame as possible. Our exams team will support your learners through their qualification.



Our expert content team is always working to increase the quality and breadth of content ensuring it is available across multiple channels. Free materials such as exam papers and worksheets can be accessed without a password. Progress can be tracked through our dedicated online courses. Physical resources help to ensure learners tailor their revision to their needs.


Speed of Service

We guarantee to be the fastest in the industry for exam booking and results turnaround. We are in the unique position of being registered with 2 major exam boards which enable us to swap between them as and when their service levels change, which does happen throughout the year. You can choose between City & Guilds and Open Awards.