SLC: Language in Context

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SLC: Language in Context Revision

Language in Context

You will need to understand:

  • How to use language appropriately
  • How to use specialist language
  • The importance of context

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Background details are needed to fully understand the context of a situation or circumstance. Understanding context helps you to:

  • Choose the correct tone
  • Choose whether to use specialist vocabulary or not


If there is a shared knowledge of a subject between two speakers, technical vocabulary can be used.


For example:


If two scientists are talking to each other about a specialist topic, they will most likely use scientific words they both understand, meaning they could have a more detailed conversation


However, if a scientist is talking to a non-scientist, the scientist will have to use simpler language so the listener can understand.



FS Level 2AQAEdexcelCity & GuildsNCFEOpen AwardsHighfield Qualifications

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