Step 1: Determine Your Initial Level

Initial Assessment

Before enrolling on a maths or English functional skills course, you are recommended to complete our bespoke, market-leading initial assessment, which gauges which level you are currently working on, and based off this recommends you a course to enrol on. However, if you know you need to pass a level 2 exam, then skip straight to enrolling on this course.

Current Level

Once you have started the course, you will be given a current level which changes over time depending on how you perform on the practice questions, topic tests and mock exams. Current Level can be used to determine if you are ready to sit your exam.

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Step 2: Create a Dedicated Revision Plan!

Subject Knowledge Assessment

To start the course, it is recommended to complete the subject knowledge assessment. The subject knowledge assessment assesses your ability across the whole range of topics across the course. Based on your results, the course will create you an individual revision plan!

Recommended Topics

The recommended topics are highlighted on the course, and you can also filter by these topics, so you can easily identify which ones you need to work on. Using this topic list along with the full mock exams is the quickest way to get ready for your exam. If you have more time to revise then we would still recommend working through the full course to give you more confidence.

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Step 3: Revise!

Curriculum Matching

The online functional skills courses are split up into distinct topic areas, with each containing multiple topics, following the government curriculum. Each topic is further split up into revision videos, practice questions, and topic tests to help with your revision.

Industry leading Content Delivery

Revise each topic using revision video tutorials made by an expert tutor, who explains everything you need to know, and the best methods to use for answering each question. Then, practise your knowledge with quick-fire practice questions and topic tests, which contain lots of different types of questions you may see in your final exam. All questions on our courses provide written or video solutions, explaining how to arrive at the correct answer.

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Step 4: AI Mock Exams

Full Mock Exams

Mock exams are an excellent revision tool, as you can work through the same style of questions you will see in your real exam. Our functional skills courses include full mock exams for multiple major exam boards. Our mock includes an ‘exam mode’ option, which allows you to sit your test in exam conditions with a timer, which is great for practicing your time management and completing the paper under pressure. All mock exams include written and video solutions.

AI Marking

Our Maths and English mock exams include AI marked questions, which marks your answers and provides you with comprehensive feedback, meaning our online mocks are more realistic than any others out there. Having detailed in depth feedback that is provided instantly speeds up the revision process and gets you ready for your exam faster!

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Step 5: Pass Your Exam First Time!

Higher Pass Rates

The functional skills courses provide you with the best opportunity to pass your exam on the first attempt. We have significantly higher pass rates for learners that use our full course.

Excellent Service

We at Pass Functional Skills offer an excellent exam service, with some key features, including:

  • All of our exams are Ofqual regulated, meaning they will be accepted by all major employers, universities and apprenticeship providers.
  • Our exams are all done remotely from the comfort of your own home, with 1-1 invigilation.
  • You have the freedom to choose your own exam date and time, with exams slots available Monday-Saturday at different times of day, all year round.
  • We offer the fastest exam booking and results turnaround of any exam provider – guaranteed!
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Online Learning 100%

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Recommended Hours 50

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Functional Skills Course Features


Initial Assessment

The Pass Functional Skills Initial Assessments are bespoke diagnostic tests which determine a users level, and which course they should be enrolled on.


Subject Knowledge Assessment

Each functional skills course has a unique subject knowledge assessment which assesses a students capability across all topics in the course, and recommends topics to focus revision on after this.


Video Tutorials

Each topic on each course includes revision video tutorials made by an expert tutor, explaining everything you need to know for that topic and the best ways of answering questions.


Practice Questions

Put your revision into practice with quick-fire, multiple choice style practice questions. Great for consolidating your knowledge.


Topic Tests

Once you are feeling confident with the revision and practice questions, attempt the exam style question topic tests to further enhance your understanding.


Mock Exams & AI Marking

Each functional skills course comes equipped with full mock exams, relevant for major exam boards. Our English mock exams include AI marked questions with instant feedback on your answers!


Video and Written Solutions

All questions on all of our functional skills courses include video or written solutions, or both, which explain the best methods of arriving at the correct answer.


Comprehensive Progress Tracking

Our functional skills courses store your results from every question, and provide you with averages and % completion across the courses.

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Functional Skills Courses We Offer

functional skills maths level 2

Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Course

£199.00 £189.00
  • Significantly Improves Pass Rates
  • 100% online learning - 50 Hours Recommended - 24/7 Access
  • City & Guilds, Edexcel, NCFE, AQA & Open Awards
  • Video tutorials, Subject Knowledge Assessment, Exam Questions & Progress Tracking.
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functional skills english level 2

Functional Skills English Level 2 Course

£199.00 £189.00
  • 100% online learning - 50 Hours Recommended - 24/7 Access
  • AI Marked Mock Exams - Instantly marked answers with unique feedback!
  • Video Solutions, Exam Questions & Progress Tracking
  • Relevant to City & Guilds, Edexcel, NCFE, AQA, Open Awards & More
View Course
functional skills maths level 1

Functional Skills Maths Level 1 Course

£199.00 £189.00
  • Relevant to City & Guilds, Edexcel, NCFE, AQA & Open Awards
  • 100% online learning - 50 Hours Recommended - 24/7 Access
  • Video Tutorials, Subject Knowledge Assessments, Progress tracking and Exam Questions.
  • Full mock papers included
View Course
functional skills english level 1

Functional Skills English Level 1 Course

£199.00 £189.00
  • 100% online learning - 50 Hours Recommended - 24/7 Access
  • City & Guilds, Edexcel, NCFE, AQA, Open Awards & More
  • Pre-Assessment, Progress Tracking, Exam Question and Video Solutions for All Questions.
  • Improves Pass Rates
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Functional Skills Course FAQs

Yes. All of our courses are relevant for all major exam boards, since each exam board specification is based on the government curriculum.

Suitable exam boards include City & Guilds, Edexcel, AQA, NCFE, Open Awards & many more.

Yes, our courses are 100% online learning, with video tutorials, questions, and mock exams, all with progress tracking software built in.

Our functional skills courses should improve your chances of passing your exam. From the thousands of learners that have sat exams through us, we can safely say that those who used our functional skills courses had a much higher pass rate.

The functional skills maths and English level 2 online course are suitable for students needing a Level 2 qualification, which is equivalent to a grade 4, or C, at GCSE. The level 1 courses are suitable for students needing a Level 1 qualification, or that need it to then progress onto level 2.

The functional skills maths course and functional skills English course include everything that you need to prepare for your exam, including revision videos, practice questions, mock exams, video solutions and progress tracking!

Yes, our functional skills courses are relevant for City and Guilds, and all other major exam boards.