Functional Skills Entry Level

Functional skills is made up of 5 levels with the entry level 1-3 building up knowledge ready for functional skills level 1 and level 2. The 5 stages offer clear progression in terms of difficulty and understanding, with new concepts being introduced at each stage. This dedicated page links to the best entry level resources available to help support colleges, training providers and individual learners as they prepare to move up and on to functional skills level 1.

Entry Level 3 Exam

Entry Level 3 Courses

Entry level Revision

Past Papers

Past Papers

A good place to start to understand what is covered at each level is actually to take a look at the past papers provided by each major exam board. This demonstrates the types of questions and degree of difficulty presented at each level. The exam papers provided on Pass Functional Skills link to all of the major exam boards and enable you to see what each qualification offers from functional skills level 3 down to entry level 1.

Functional Skills Maths Entry Level Past Papers Functional Skills English Entry Level Past Papers

Functional Skills Level 3 Revision Materials

At Pass Functional Skills we help teachers, tutors and students to study entry level 3 maths and English with the provision of lots of really useful resources. The entire functional skills entry level 3 specification is covered with a list of topics, revision notes, explanations, video tutorials and practice questions. You can even access worksheets! Get access to all of the best functional skills level 3 resources to help you or your learners to succeed.

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Entry Level 3 Maths

As students progress through entry level, they will get to the transition phase of level 3 where the content starts to progress and develop into the knowledge that forms the basis of functional skills. Thousands of learners each year start at entry level 3 and gain a good understanding of the key concepts that set them up for level 1 functional skills. At Pass Functional Skills we have a dedicated team of expert teachers and content developers who have come together to create the best entry level 3 maths resources.

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Entry Level 3 English

Spelling, punctuation and grammar, or SPAG as the teachers and tutors call it, is an essential part of functional skills entry level 3 English. The following materials help teachers and students to access the best teaching resources and revision notes for entry level 3 English.

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