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Are you a functional skills tutor? Take advantage of our completely free tutoring platform to use to track your students' progress through their functional skills courses. Receive exclusive discounts for your functional skills students on their exam and course purchases through pass functional skills.

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Free Diagnostic Tests

Free diagnostic tests including an initial assessment and subject knowledge test

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As a tutor, you can benefit from using our market leading functional skills tutor software, which allows you to add students to your profile, and monitor their progress all in one place – all 100% free for you. Help your learners out with discounted rates for learners that you pass forward to us for their courses and exams.

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100% Free Tutor Platform

Completely free tutor platform to monitor your students in one convenient place

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Comprehensive Tracking

Track your student’s progress with in depth analysis of their results

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Diagnostic Assessments

We provide 2 bespoke diagnostic assessments for learners to use before they start on our functional skills courses:

  • Initial Assessment - this is used to determine a student's initial level before starting to work on the course, and suggests which course they should be enrolled on based on the level they achieved. These are free and accessible for all students!

  • Subject Knowledge Assessment - Each course has a unique subject knowledge assessment which assesses a student's ability across all topics on the course, and subsequently recommends them topics to focus their revision on based on their results.

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All Encompassing Course

The courses the student’s will be enrolled on include everything they need to prepare for their exam.

Some of the great features of the courses include:

  • All courses are split up into topic areas, with subtopics contained within each topic area, all following the government functional skills curriculums.

  • Revision videos by an expert tutor for each topic, explaining the key fundamentals and ways of answering different styles of question.

  • Practice questions for each topic, aimed at testing a students recall from the revision sections.

  • Exam style questions for each topic, aimed at putting the students revision into practice with questions similar to those in the real exam.

  • Full mock exams for different exam boards, for students to test their exam technique and get used to timed conditions.

  • Written and video solutions for all questions, explaining how to arrive at the correct answers, or provide the best response.

  • Full progress tracking for the student, with average scores, % completion, recent results, and much more.

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Tracking Student Progress

As a tutor, you can view all of your students’ activity and recent results across all courses and all sections of the course, including initial assessments, subject knowledge assessments, practice questions, topic tests, and mock exams. This can be accessed by the my students table, where you can access each individual student’s profile and results.

Your tutor account will also have a dashboard area which summarises these statistics and more across all students, including learners ready for their exam, diagnostic assessment completion rate, subject knowledge assessment completed by course, learners waiting for results, and more.

There are lots of other great features for you as a tutor, such as forcing a diagnostic to be set, sending learners notes, viewing their login history and much more!

  • My Students table showing all students - click in to view their results and progress

  • Dashboard - shows summary statistics of all students you have

  • Lots more great features!

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