Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Course

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Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Course

Pass functional skill course helps you to prepare for your functional skills maths level 2. Enrol on the course today to start revising instantly.

Only days hours minutes left at this price!
  • Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Course
  • Video tutorials, Subject Knowledge Assessment, Exam Questions & Progress Tracking.
  • City & Guilds, Edexcel, NCFE, AQA & Open Awards
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What can I do on this level 2 course?

Initial AssessmentThe Pass Functional Skills initial assessment is a bespoke, market-leading diagnostic test that is used to determine what level a student is currently working at, and suggests what course they should be enrolled on after completing it.

Subject Knowledge Assessment – Our free online maths functional skills level 2 course starts with a subject knowledge assessment. This is a short series of questions that covers a wide range of the functional skills curriculum and helps to determine what topic areas you need to work on.

Video Tutorials – A specialist functional skills tutor describes how to do every topic from start to finish. From basic decimals to the difficult algebra questions, every topic is covered as well as lots of different types of questions so you have no surprises in the exam.

Practice Questions – Every topic has easy, medium and hard practice questions so that you can build up the difficulty and build up your confidence in the process.

Exam Questions – Once you are feeling more confident and you want to tackle the exam style questions then the system will throw as many mock questions at you as you need.

Mock Exams – Once you have worked through the topic areas you need to practice on and you are feeling more confident, it is time to tackle the mock exams. There are over 30 functional skills maths level 2 mocks for all the different exam boards to help you get ready to pass!

Progress Tracking – One of the most important aspects of a revision plan is to track progress and revisit the topic areas you found most difficult. This is one of the best features of the level 2 maths course, it stores your scores for every question, topic and test so you know exactly what to work on before exam day.

Pass Rates – We have extensive data from the thousands of learners who have signed up to our functional skills courses across multiple platforms and we know that using the functional skills maths course significantly increases chances of success in the exam.

Unlimited Access – During the lifetime of your L2 maths course access you have unlimited access to the materials and sit the practice questions and mock exams as many times as you like during this time.

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Course Content

35 sections
Addition and Subtraction (including decimals)
Multiplication & Division (including decimals)
Order of Operations
Decimals and Place Value
Ordering Numbers (including decimals & fractions)
Fractions (adding & subtracting)
Fractions of Amounts
Percentages of Amounts
Percentage Change
Reverse Percentages
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
Direct and Inverse Proportion
Substituting Values into Equations
Problems Involving Money
Compound Growth
Unit Conversions
Conversion Graphs
Speed and Density
Areas of 2D Shapes
Nets of 3D Shapes
Volumes of 3D Shapes
Surface Area of 3D shapes
Projections and Elevations
Maps and Scale Drawings
Angles in 2D shapes
Mean, Median, Mode and Range
Data tables (Two way tables)
Estimating the Mean
Simple Probability
Scatter Graphs

Initial Assessment Diagnostic Test

Before starting on the functional skills maths course, you can take a free bespoke, market-leading initial assessment diagnostic, which accurately determines the level you are currently working at, and proposes a course for you to be enrolled on after completing it.

The current level system leads on from completing the initial assessment. It determines your level as you progress through the course, changing depending on how well you do on the questions and tests.

This software is ideal for providers and tutors to monitor their students’ progress, but it also helps students themselves to see if they are making good progress.

Subject Knowledge Assessment

The first step to completing the course is to do the subject knowledge assessment. The subject knowledge assessment determines a students capability and understanding of a full range of topics across the course. Once completed, the student is provided with some recommended topics, which are topics that the student should focus on to better their revision. If you are in a rush to pass then this can be invaluable in cutting down the amount of revision you have to do. If you have a little more time then it is always worth working through all the topic areas to make sure you are feeling confident and pass first time.

Keeping Track of Your Progress

The course is set out in an easy-to-navigate structure, making it as easy as possible for students to use it and keep track of their progress. Students can keep track of their progress via the dashboard area, which shows a student’s course completion, average scores, and latest results, allowing students to quickly revisit recent topics.

You can also keep track of your progress using the current level, as previously mentioned, which is displayed at the top of the course.

Video Tutorials, Practice Questions & Topic Tests

The online functional skills maths course is split into 3 sections, collectively containing 35 topics, covering everything from the government specification. Each topic contains 3 elements to work through; revision, practice questions, and topic tests.

The revision sections consist of tutorial videos by an expert tutor. Watch these first to get an understanding of the course content. Once you have watched these for a particular topic, have a go at the practice questions. The practice questions are split up into easy, medium, and hard, containing 5 quickfire style multiple choice questions in each, allowing students to build their confidence throughout the topic, from easy up to hard. After that, attempt the topic tests. The topic tests consist of exam style questions, specifically for that topic, which match the style and structure of real exam questions. All questions contain written and video solutions, explaining the best methods of how to get to the correct answer.

Mock Exams

The course contains 40 mock exams; 5 from each of the major exam boards. This is one of the best ways to prepare for your exam, as you’ll be able to work through examples of actual exam papers to practice your knowledge, set out with the same structure and question styling as the real exams.

As you approach your exam date and your revision is coming together nicely, it is time to move on to the mock exams. Many students start these too early and scare themselves with how much they don’t know. It is better to leave the mock exams until you have covered a good portion of the level 2 course, so you can confidently attempt the different types of exam questions. Every question has a video explanation so you can see where you have gone wrong, and like the other parts of the course, the system will track your progress.

If you want some paper functional skills maths level 2 mock papers that are printed in A4 booklets, we also offer these.

Booking your exam

Once you complete the course, and are averaging over 60% on the course questions and mock exams, you should feel confident that you are ready to sit and pass your exam.

Book your exam through Pass Functional Skills here, choosing a date and time that suits you, or choosing to book your exam now and choose the date later, whatever works best for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is yes. Our online functional skills level 2 maths course is suitable for all exams and exam boards.

This is an easy one to answer. Yes! We know from the thousands of learners we have helped, that using the dedicated course improves pass rates significantly. Most people who use the level 2 maths functional skills online course pass first time.

Course access lasts a year, but if you need to extend this then our admin team will look to support you with this.

Yes, if you only use the online course, this will be more than enough to help you pass your level 2 functional skills maths.

Yes we have a lot of college students take our functional skills maths course alongside their college work as it significantly increases pass rates. You can then take the exam in college as planned.

Yes, our course has been designed for City & Guilds as well as the other major exam board specifications.

Yes, you can sign up to our free maths L2 course first and then upgrade once you have seen a sample of the materials and had a go at the subject knowledge assessment.

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  1. The course was full in its coverage of the different maths topics. I saw all the expected topics in the exam, obviously different questions but they seemed familiar as I had done a lot of practice. The non calculator is harder I think but this may be due to my lack of actual maths skills!

  2. The maths course is very well structured. I am not the best at maths and have always needed to take a little extra time compared with most people. This online course enabled me to do this and take my time through the questions I found hardest. I would definitely recommend to others

  3. Would 100% recommend this! I have been trying to get level 2 maths for years, kept failing in college then went back as an adult for 2 years and failed multiple times. Tried pass functional skills and passed first time with 88%, took me 5 months of learning. I understood maths so much more learning though this resource. Staff are extremely supportive and helpful, worth the money.

  4. Worth the spend if you need to pass your maths level 2

  5. Needed level 2 functional skills Maths for Apprenticeship, ha previously failed with a different provider, Bought package with 2 attempts at exams passed 1st time very pleased. Thank you

    Maria - Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Course (verified owner)
  6. The course was excellent and exactly what I needed in the run up to my maths level 2.

  7. I couldn’t have done it without this course. I couldn’t even do a fraction or percentage a month ago and now I actually feel confident with them. The course covers it all and makes it seem easier than I remembered maths, or not remembered maths if you see what I mean. Anywa 5/5 course

  8. I did the course in 3 weeks and found it helpful in my prep for the exam/

  9. This is really an amazing website. It really hits the brief. I would highly recommend it to anyone and have.

  10. A life saver! The course gave me the pracitce I needed to make sure I was ready for the exam day. I actually felt confident going into the exam and all the topics I had worked on came up, the questions obviously vary but the steps to the answer are always the same, you just need to memorise them

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