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National Tutoring Programme

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PFS Team March 17, 2023

The National Tutoring Programme is a government initiative to help children catch up after the pandemic. It has been designed around school budgets, with funding linked to the pupil premium allowance of £162 per pupil. At Pass Functional Skills, we are part of a group that has been selected to offer the DfE-approved tuition services to schools. All of our tutors are DBS-checked, experienced and qualified to tutor. We offer a range of support packages for schools looking to participate in the NTP.

Please call 020 4574 9155 if you have any questions relating to the National Tutoring Programme. If you are specifically looking for GCSE support, then please look at the following service.

GCSE National Tutoring Programme

There are a number of misconceptions when it comes to the NTP, and the following FAQs look to address some of the most common ones.


National Tutoring Programme FAQs


Is the tuition through the NTP fully funded? 

No, 60% of the tuition fees up to a maximum of £18 per hour, can be funded through the NTP budget, the rest has to come from schools existing budgets.

Can parents apply for their child to have tutoring directly? 

No, the school your child attends has to apply for the NTP funding.

Can our school choose any tuition provider?

Schools must choose a DfE-approved tuition provider in order to access the funding.

What is covered in the tuition sessions?

This can vary a lot from provider to provider. It is best to work with a provider that designs bespoke interventions, as opposed to providers that have set classes that they deliver to everyone.

Generally, the more tuition a service is delivering through the NTP, the more likely they are to have set courses rather than bespoke interventions. The other thing to note is that some providers use international tutors who have little to no exposure to the UK curriculum, and have to undergo training in order to adapt their subject knowledge to the exam board specifications. We believe this is a less effective way of delivering the tuition, and is more focused on profit-making than delivering high quality tuition. We would encourage the use of service providers that have qualified and experienced UK tutors who know the exam board specifications in depth.

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