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PFS Team February 28, 2023

What are Functional Skills?

Functional skills refer to the core subjects of Maths, English and Digital Skills. Most people look to complete maths and English functional skills online, as it is faster and more convenient than going to an exam centre. Pass Functional Skills is the leading provider of Maths and English level 1 and 2 courses, exams and resources.

Why Use Pass Functional Skills?

We offer English and maths functional skills online with students having the ability to book an Ofqual regulated exam, study the course from home, and then take the exam once they are confident of passing. Our online courses and exams allow learners to fit their studies around other commitments. Call the number below to speak to one of our dedicated functional skills specialists, they will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Functional Skills Helpline: 020 4574 9155

We also have a dedicated functional skills level 2 funded service. Use the form below to apply for funding.

Check to see if you are entitled to a free functional skills course by completing the form below:

Benefits of Doing Functional Skills Online

Taking your functional skills online makes them a lot more accessible. It eliminates geographical barriers and allows anyone, no matter where they live, an equal opportunity to gain a functional skills qualification. Another benefit to sitting your exam online is speed. All we require is for the learner to have a good wi-fi connection and access to a computer. This eliminates the time consuming process of finding an exam centre.

In today’s digital age, the importance of functional skills has increased even further, as many jobs, university courses and apprenticeships require them as a GCSE equivalent, especially for Maths and English. With our service, you are able to sit entire functional skills courses online within a matter of a couple of weeks. We guarantee to have the fastest exam booking and results turnaround. See our dedicated fast track functional skills level 2 and level 1 service here:

Functional Skills Fast Track

If you have any questions regarding this, then please get in touch today, and one of our experienced online functional skills team members will be happy to help.

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