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PFS Team November 21, 2023


Functional skills level 1 qualifications are equivalent to a grade D/E at GCSE, they are also a great stepping stone to move up to level 2 functional skills. We offer functional skills level 1 courses and exams for both maths and English. Our courses are designed with the exam in mind and contain everything you will need to pass.

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English Level 1 Functional Skills

We provide Ofqual regulated exams for English level 1 functional skills, the qualification involves 3 exams; Reading, writing and speaking, listening & communication (SLC). The reading and writing are usually sat one after the other in a two-hour time slot and the SLC is sat on a separate day. These can be sat at home with one of our online invigilators. We also offer an online course that will help you through the course in preparation for your exam.

Functional skills English level 1 exam

English level 1 functional skills revision

Maths Level 1 Functional Skills

The maths level 1 functional skills qualification has just one 2 hour exam that is split into two sections, section A which is non-calculator and section B where a calculator is permitted. Our comprehensive course contains all the material you will need to pass your exam.

Functional skills maths level 1 exam

Maths functional skills level 1 revision

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is level 1 functional skills equivalent to?

A functional skills level 1 equivalent is a D/E at GCSE. The government website give an overview of what level each qualification is, see that here.

Do I need to have a level 1 qualification before I can achieve my level 2? 

No, you can go straight to level 2.

Is functional skills level 1 equivalent to a pass at GCSE?

No, the level 1 maths equivalent is a D/E, which at GCSE is not a pass so it is slightly below a GCSE. The level 1 English equivalent is the same. A level 2 qualification is the equivalent to a GCSE.


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