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PassFunctionalSkills Team September 20, 2021

A free functional skills maths level 2 online course can be accessed directly through this service. At Pass Functional Skills we help each and every person to prepare for and pass their level 2 maths exam. As part of this service we offer free functional skills level 2 maths course materials along with past papers, worksheets and other resources.

Free Level 2 Online Maths Course – No Registration

If you would like to get access to the premium funded functional skills maths level 2 course, then please apply by submitting the form below. We will look to explore all funded options with you so that you can revise and take your functional skills maths for free. You can also apply for a funded English course here.

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Check to see if you are entitled to a free functional skills course by completing the form below:

Once you access the free course you will see video tutorials like the one below that walks you through how to complete an online level 2 maths exam. The video below shows exactly what an exam looks like when sitting with the exam board Open Awards. We also work with other exam boards such as City & Guilds, NCFE and more so you will always have a choice of which exam board you sit with.


Passing functional skills maths level 2 is all about revising the most effective way possible and a great place to start is with free course access. Work through the video tutorials before moving onto the practice questions to help improve your understanding. Once your confidence starts to grow and you feel like you can tackle the exam questions then move onto these.  Functional skills maths level 2 online test free sample questions are a good place to start…

Free Level 2 Online Maths Assessment

In total there are 35 topic areas to cover as part of the level 2 maths qualification which is around 100 less than the higher level GCSE maths course, so a much better option for those who are simply looking to pass and move on. The level 2 qualification is essential for University and job application as well as apprenticeship programmes . Don’t worry, whatever your back ground, even if you hate maths, we are here to help you pass your level 2 maths functional skills. A great way to start the free course is to get stuck into a pre-assessment which highlights all of the key topic areas that you need to work on.

You can get more free functional skills maths level 2 online practice tests by signing up to the free course access below.

Free Level 2 Online Maths Course – Free Registration

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