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PFS Team June 15, 2023

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Finding a GCSE exam centre near me, is a question many adult learners, home educators and those looking to undertake a GCSE resit ask themselves. Until recently is has been very hard to register for a GCSE exam as a private candidate, whether that be for a child or an adult learner. Our service helps to solve this issue by providing access to local GCSE exam centres to everyone looking for them. Whether you are looking to retake a GCSE maths exam privately or you are looking for a GCSE exam centre for home-schooled children, then we can help. Complete the form below to find – A private GCSE exam centre near you!

Private GCSE Exam Centre Request

If you would rather book a GCSE maths exam directly then there are services that have exam and course options. The follow GCSE maths exam booking page enables you to find a centre anywhere in the country (availability permitting) for one of the lowest costs available.

GCSE Maths Exam Booking

The second most popular GCSE exam for private candidates is English language. You can register directly for the GCSE English language exam via the link below, or you can contact us directly to explore other options.

GCSE English Exam Booking

Finally, you can book a GCSE Science exam as a private candidate via the link below. It is key to mention that there are a number of options for science, from single award Biology, Chemistry and Physics, to dual award science. All options are explored on the science exam booking page below.

GCSE Science Exam Booking

Most science GCSE exams have required practical’s that do not count towards the mark (they are summative practical’s) but have to be completed in order to gain the GCSE. This makes sitting a GCSE science exam as a private candidate very challenging unless you go for the iGCSE qualifications which don’t have the practical requirement. The iGCSE exams are still accepted everywhere like the standard GCSE’s, the I just stands for international.

Pass My GCSE offer a range of GCSE exams. These are available to be sat in the Summer or the November exam series. Click the link here to find out more.

Private GCSE Exam Centre FAQs

Can I do a functional skills instead? 

Yes, there are the functional skills equivalent qualifications in maths and English that can be taken instead of a GCSE in most instances. As the functional skills are widely considered easier and you can sit them all year round from home with online exams, they are the more popular choice for adult learners. At Pass Functional Skills we help learners of all ages and background achieve their GCSE grade C or level 4 equivalent in maths and English. See our level 2 functional skills qualifications here.

Am I too old to retake GCSE maths? 

No, people of all ages resit GCSE maths as well as English and Science.

Will I be able to find a GCSE exam centre near me? 

In most instances there will be a GCSE exam centre within 1 hour of you, if you are in London then within 30 minutes as there are many more private GCSE exam centres in London than any other area. If you live in a remote location you may need to travel a little further to find a centre.

Can I do my GCSE resit online?

No there is currently no option to undertake a GCSE exam online, but you can do the GCSE equivalent which is functional skills.

Are GCSE’s in November harder? 

No, all the GCSE’s are standardised to ensure that you are not disadvantaged in taking exams in November. This is often the time that people take their GCSE resits. You can take all 3 types of GCSE exam in November, maths, English and more recently iGCSE Science has been moved to November instead of having its own January exam series which are no longer available.

Can you help me get into Uni?

Yes, whether you look to select a GCSE exam or a functional skills exam, we only help people to take Ofqual regulated qualifications that are accepted by all Universities. If you are interested in learning more about how our GCSE equivalent qualifications work, please continue reading below.


Our GCSE Exam Centre Locations

The following list details some of the GCSE exam centre locations we have for private candidates. Please note this list is not exhaustive but lists some of our most popular GCSE exam centre locations.

London – London GCSE exam centres are the most popular.
Manchester – There are a number of GCSE exam centres in Manchester.
Coventry – Whether you are sitting a GCSE maths exam in Coventry or English exam, we can help.
Luton – Luton GCSE exam centres are also popular.
Newcastle – As one of the largest cities in the North, there are a few GCSE exam centres in Newcastle.
York – You can book a GCSE exam centre in York through our service
– We will help you to find a GCSE exam centre in Liverpool
– There are a number of GCSE exam centres in Leeds to sit maths, English and Science.

Other Areas:

Portsmouth, Norwich, Southend-on-Sea, Huddersfield, Oxford, Ipswich, Birmingham, Sheffield, Plymouth, Bradford, Wolverhampton, Brighton, Southampton, Middlesbrough, Peterborough and other areas.


How do online GCSE equivalent exams work?



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