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A Level Resit 2024

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PFS Team June 26, 2024


Students often want to retake their A Level exams. Typically, this is because they did not attain their desired grades initially. Key subjects like Maths and English have specific grade requirements crucial for further education and career prospects. A levels are typically essential for meeting entry criteria for universities. Some students choose to resit A Level exams to fulfil personal academic ambitions or achieve higher grades in subjects they wish to pursue further. A Level resits are accessible to students of all ages, including adult learners and recent school leavers.

To explore A Level resit opportunities available at MME Exams, please complete the form below. One of our team members will be in touch with you shortly.


A Level Resits


Book your A Level resit

MME Exams offers A Level resits in Maths, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. If you book as a private candidate for Physics, Chemistry, or Biology, you will need to complete both the practical assessments and the exam to complete the qualification. You can book these practical assessments through MME Exams or arrange them privately. The next available exams for all A Levels we offer are scheduled for Summer 2025.



After booking your A Level exam (and practical assessments for science courses), you will likely want to study and prepare. A good way to study is to go over the course material and test your knowledge with practice questions or mock exams. If you are taking any science exam, you will need to complete your practical assessments before your exam date. Book these assessments through us to have us handle the arrangements for you.


Sit you A Level resit

On the day of your exam, you will sit it as an A Level Private Candidate at your local exam centre. This will typically be a nearby school or college. There is no option to take your A Level exam online – you will need to attend in person. Our team will contact you well in advance to confirm the time, date, and location, allowing you to focus solely on your preparation. If you do not pass your resit the first time, you can book another attempt for the following year.


Why Book your A Level Resit with MME Exams?

MME Exams’ service is open to everyone, including if you have just left school or are an adult learner. All A Level resit exams booked through MME Exams are Ofqual regulated, meaning they are accepted as A Level qualifications. We offer exams in a range of A Level subjects, including Maths, English, Science, and many other subjects. The MME Exams team will sort out everything for you, including registration and booking of your exam. This means you can focus on your exam preparation to help pass your exam. We also offer state of the art A Level revision courses to help you study for your exams. These courses are available for Maths, English, Science and Biology.

For further information about MME Exams’ services, please follow the link below or contact us on 020 3633 2975 to speak with a member of our team.

A Level Resit Exam

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