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GCSE Resits

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PFS Team August 25, 2022

GCSE Resit Helpline: 020 4574 9155

Booking a GCSE resit straight after results day or years down the line can be a daunting task. There are a number of GCSE equivalent qualifications to think about, with each one having different considerations, such as whether you want to retake a GCSE paper-based exam or an online GCSE exam. We are here to help you work through your GCSE resits in Maths and English, and ensure you select the most appropriate qualification for you and your circumstance. Apply for a free GCSE resit course below, and a member of the support team will reach out to discuss the options best suited to the career path you want to take.

Free GCSE Resit Application 

If you are looking to retake GCSE Maths and would like to do the paper-based exam at a local centre, then the following option is the cheapest option. Please note you may be eligible for a free GCSE resit, so it is worth speaking with our team before booking your exam by calling 020 4515 3991 or submitting the form above.

GCSE Maths Exam Booking

For those looking to do a GCSE English resit exam, whether that is in November or in the summertime, then the following service offers the lowest-cost course and exam option. Please note that GCSE online exams are not an option unless you speak with our support team by calling 020 4515 3991 or by submitting the form above.

GSCE English Exam Booking

The alternative option to GCSE resits are functional skills level 2 qualifications, which are GCSE equivalents and are accepted by universities, employers and apprenticeship schemes everywhere. Whether you are looking to go into nursing, policing or any other profession, the functional skills level 2 Maths and English exams will be accepted. They are a GCSE level 4 or grade C equivalent, and can be done online from home. Unlike the GCSE resits, there are more options for funding. Submit the form below to determine whether you qualify for a free GCSE resit.

The following cover the frequently asked questions about retaking GCSEs.


Am I too old to retake a GCSE? 

No, people of all ages look to resit Maths and English. Whether you are retraining to become a nurse or want to get into teaching, we can help you with your GCSE resits.

Is a GCSE retake better than a functional skills? 

No, a GCSE level 4 or functional skills pass are equal and are accepted by universities, employers, and apprenticeship training providers.

Can I get a free GCSE resit

Yes, there is the potential to get a free GCSE retake or a functional skills equivalent.

Can I do my GCSE resit online?

No. Whether you are retaking GCSE Science, Maths or English, all GCSE exams have to be done in-centre, which is why most adult learners select functional skills instead, as this can be done online at home.

Are GCSE Maths retakes harder? 

No. If you need to retake GCSE Maths, then don’t worry, the November resits are standardised to be of the same level of difficulty as the summer exams series. Generally, people do find functional skills, the GCSE equivalent, an easier qualification to pass, which is why this is often recommended as an alternative.

Is the online exam accepted by my Uni/Job? 

Yes, the online exams are Ofqual regulated, which is the same as the GCSE exams. It doesn’t matter whether this is a GCSE resit or the first time taking the exam.


How do online GCSE exams work?



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