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About Functional Skills

Functional skills qualifications in maths and English enable learners to develop essential numeracy and literacy skills. Most importantly, the level 2 functional skills are equivalent to GCSE’s. Most people take the level 2 exams to get into Uni to improve employment chances.

The functional skills level 2 qualifications are equivalent to a GCSE grade C. These qualifications are essential for employability prospects as well as for University applications.

The course covers every topic and question type that can come up in the exam. Each topic is covered with video tutorials, practice questions, exam style questions and model solutions. The course also contains a pre-assessment to help you determine which areas you need to work on. Finally there are 30 full mock exams to help you get ready for exam day.

Yes you can sign up to a free trial of our functional skills courses by going to the dedicated course pages.

Results for all functional skills examinations are usually returned within 2 weeks.

Our course materials are the very best things you can use to prepare for the exam. You can also make use of our free materials and past papers that we provide to learners.

Yes you can resit your exam. Our resit support team will contact you to guide you through booking and preparing for a resit. In most cases our learners pass first time, so hopefully you won’t have to use our resit service.

Our examinations are Ofqual regulated so are universally accepted as level 2 qualifications that are equivalent to GCSE grade C.

Our examinations are Ofqual regulated so are universally accepted as level 2 qualifications that are equivalent to GCSE grade C.

The pass mark can vary from exam to exam. The functional skills maths level 2 pass mark is usually around 50% to 55%.

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We work with students on a 1-2-1 basis but also training providers to help their apprentices complete the level 2 qualifications.

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All of exams are regulated by Ofqual so are universally recognised.

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We have specialist functional skills tutors and tonnes of free revision materials to help students pass first time.

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You can book your exam within 5 working days. We have the fastest turnaround of any major provider.

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We forward results as soon as they are released by the exam board.


Certificates are provided soon after results

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Our functional skills exams are the lowest cost available.

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Revise for free using our free revision materials.

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