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PFS Team January 29, 2024


In recent years we have seen an increase in demand for online learning resources. There has been a switch from the use of more traditional learning resources like revision guides to online courses. Given that young people are online more, there is a need for comprehensive online revision resources. At Pass Functional Skills, we recommend the courses provided through the MME Premium platform, as a result at the end of this article you will find an MME Premium discount code for money off your first month.

MME Premium Courses

MME offer courses for a range of subjects and exam boards. Below you will find the courses included in your MME Premium subscription:

  • AQA Maths (higher and foundation)
  • Edexcel Maths (higher and foundation)
  • OCR Maths (higher and foundation)
  • WJEC Maths (higher, intermediate and foundation)
  • Cambridge iGCSE (core and extended)
  • Edexcel iGCSE Maths (higher and foundation)
  • AQA English
  • AQA Combined Science (higher and foundation)
  • AQA Biology (higher and foundation)
  • AQA Chemistry (higher and foundation)
  • AQA Physics (higher and foundation)

Each course is broken down into topic areas with more specific topics in each, to help you break up your revision. The topics contain revision sections which are a mixture of videos and slides with key information on to help you get to grips with the content. Secondly, you will find a series of practice question to test you on what you have learnt from the revision section. Finally, there is a topic test which contains questions that are similar to what you may be asked on your real exam.

Some courses contain mock exams that you can sit online. A few of these contain AI marking, meaning that for long form answers AI will mark your question for you. When sitting one of these mock exams, it can be done in practice mode or exam mode (under time constraints).

MME Premium Discount Code

In the first place you can sign up for MME Premium for free. This gives you access to a few topics within each course, allowing you to decide if it works for you. To unlock all the courses you can set up a subscription, this gives you access to all the available courses for as long as you keep your subscription. To get 5% off your first month, use the coupon code 5MMEPREMIUM.

Discount code: 5MMEPREMIUM


Sign Up to MME Premium HERE.

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