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PFS Team June 6, 2023

We are a leading provider of adult GCSE courses for people who are applying to a job, University or apprenticeship. Whatever your reason for needing or even wanting to undertake an adult GCSE course, we are here to help. There are different types of GCSE and equivalent courses adults can take to satisfy the requirements of a job or University application. Complete the form below and one of our adult GCSE courses team will call you to discuss your requirements.

There are different options to consider for the adult GCSE courses including the functional skills qualifications and the GCSE equivalency tests for teaching. In addition to the GCSE maths and English courses, we can also assist you with your GCSE science exams. If you would like to discuss the different GCSE course options including funded and free courses then call our support team via the number below.


Adult GCSE Course Helpline: 020 4574 9155


Information on free GCSE maths and English courses for adults can be found here. There are also other adult GCSE course providers to consider. We work with a number of reputable GCSE course providers to ensure you have access to a range of options and courses for all the core subjects. Whether you need

GCSE Courses for Adults 

Our service focuses on adult learners looking to complete a GCSE course to further their career. We have people who want to get into Uni and others who want to apply for a new job as well as those looking to complete an apprenticeship. It is important when selecting your course provider you do the following checks, which are undertaken by our team as standard if you opt to use our service:

  1. Ensure you select the right qualification. GCSE’s are accepted everywhere but they are the least convenient qualification type and often the most expensive which is why most adult learners opt to take a GCSE equivalent qualification.
  2. Check to see the qualification you are choosing is accepted by your employer or University.
  3. Check the qualifications are properly regulated – All qualifications offered by our service are Ofqual regulated so are universally accepted.
  4. Check to make sure you can get the results back in time for your job or Uni deadline.

An example of a learner who has used our service to complete a GCSE equivalent course in order to get into University can be seen below.

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