How to improve your GCSE grade

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PFS Team March 4, 2024


As the GCSE exam season approaches, it is time to kickstart your revision if you haven’t already. You may be feeling a bit deflated after results of mock exams, but you can use them as a stepping stone for improvement. Excelling in your GCSE exams requires a blend of dedication, well-structured planning and effective study techniques. This article from Pass Functional Skills explores various approaches you can take to enhance your GCSE performance. MME are encouraging you to jumpstart your revision journey by challenging you to complete a section of any MME Premium course for 21 consecutive days. The MME Revision Challenge runs from now until GCSEs begin. Learn more about how you can get involved at the end of this article.

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Ways to Boost Your GCSE Grades

To help you get started with your revision and learn how you can improve your GCSE grades we have compiled a list of strategies for you to try:

Understanding Exam Requirements

You can establish a solid foundation for your exams by getting to grips with the exam structure and subject requirements. Familiarise yourself with mark allocations, question types and time constraints to optimise efficiency during the exam.

Utilise Your Mock Exams

Although mock exams can be stressful, they serve as a valuable tool for improvement. Review your mock papers, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. Use this information to guide your revision, and consider attempting the questions again after further revision.

Active Learning Technique

Engage in active learning to reinforce understanding. Whether you summarise information in your own words, teach concepts to others or make flashcards. Active participation in the learning process enhances understanding and retention.

Subject-Specific Strategies

By acknowledging the differences between each subject you can adapt your revision accordingly. For instance, subjects like biology or chemistry may benefit from flashcards for reciting facts. While a subject like geography lends itself more to completing practice questions.

Seek Clarification

Don’t hesitate to get help from teachers or friends if you are struggling with a particular topic. Teachers are there to help, and discussing concepts with peers can offer varies perspectives, aiding your understanding.


MME Revision Challenge

To encourage good and effective revision habits, we urge you to take a look at the MME Revision Challenge. You can join the challenge by completing a section of any MME Premium course everyday for 21 days straight. If you share proof on social media and tag @mmerevise you will win a set of GCSE predicted papers. The challenge is ongoing until exams begin, so start the challenge now!

To enter the challenge you will need to be signed up to MME Premium. To learn more about MME Premium and how to sign up use the buttons below.

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