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The Exam

  • You will need to understand what you will encounter in the exam
  • This page will leave you feeling more prepared about what will occur during the SLC!

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Level 2: SLC Exam


The exam is comprised of a:

  • Presentation
  • Q+A
  • Discussion


Prior to the exam, you will given the instructions and topic for your presentation and the discussion.


Then, the Q+A will start straight after your presentation


After each learner finishes their presentation and Q+A, there will be break to gather information from other presentations that you may want to discuss during the next task.


Then, everybody will take part in a general discussion.



FS Level 2Open Awards

Level 1: SLC Exam

The level 1 SLC exam has a slightly different structure in comparison to level 2!


The level 1 exam will be slightly shorter.


You will receive a topic beforehand, in which you are encouraged to make brief notes to discuss.


Like level 2, you will be shown some discussion prompts, which may be a good time to make some points to discuss with the group in the next task.



FS Level 1Open Awards

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Make sure that:


  • The doors of the room you are taking the exam in are shut


  • Your workspace is clear


  • Your phone is switched off and placed out of reach


  • Your device is charging



FS Level 1FS Level 2Open Awards

The Presentation

You will need to prepare a presentation from the topic and details sent in advance.


Practise your presentation beforehand so you can meet the time limit!


You are allowed to have small notes on a scrap piece of paper…


…but do NOT read off a script!


Make sure that you communicate your ideas clearly and effectively using appropriate language.



FS Level 2Open Awards


There will be time after your presentation where fellow learners can ask you questions about your presentation.


Make sure that you respond effectively to these questions with detail and evidence.



The Q+A will be longer if your presentation was shorter – plan ahead!



You also have the opportunity to ask the questions during other Q+A‘s! Make sure these questions are asked to obtain specific and relevant information.



FS Level 2Open Awards

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There will be some prompts during the break before the discussion task to consider.


It may be useful to jot down some notes to discuss with the rest of the group!


Ensure that you:

  • Make relevant and constructive contributions to move the discussion forward
  • Adapt your conversation to suit audience and purpose
  • Interject and redirect discussion using appropriate language and register


In the discussion, you will have to compare each presentation and potentially choose the best idea/suggestion depending on the topic.



FS Level 1FS Level 2Open Awards

Example: Discussion


Example Topic:

What should the council build to improve the local community?


What is wrong with this answer:


‘Yeah, I legit am not a fan of your idea, mine is better at the end of the day because a football pitch will improve my life’


  • Use of slang/colloquialisms – ‘legit’, ‘not a fan of’
  • Points not backed up by any opinions/reasoning – You should express opinions and arguments and support them with relevant evidence
  • Not a relevant contribution – You should make contributions that move the discussion forward


A more improved answer:


‘Based of what you have told us already in your presentation and the Q+A, I do believe your idea is beneficial in terms of cost as it is the cheapest to implement. However, Sarah’s idea would benefit the local community to a much greater extent due to the fact it would increase the involvement of both boys and girls in some form of exercise.’


  • ‘Based of what you have told us already…’ – suggests that you have listened to the previous presentations and that you have identified the relevant information
  • Explores the pros and cons of multiple ideas
  • Arguments reinforced with opinions and some form of reasoning



FS Level 1FS Level 2Open Awards

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