SLC: Contributing

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SLC: Contributing Revision


You will need to make relevant contributions which progress and redirect discussion.

Using the appropriate language and register to do this will also be included!


Make sure you are happy with the following topics before continuing:

See what level 2 English topics you need support with.

The subject knowledge assessment tests your skills on a number of topics that will come up in the actual exam. You then get feedback on what you need to revise. 

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Contributing in SLC


Make sure that you listen carefully to the main points. It is also helpful to listen to other questions that have been asked so you don’t ask the same!


You should also ask for people’s opinions. This can be useful to direct the conversation and bounce ideas off each other.


If applicable, politely point out any potential issues with what has been said.



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Relevant Contributions


Any contributions that you make should be relevant – this means that they have to specifically apply to the conversation at hand.


For example, in a discussion about favourite restaurants in London, it would be unwise and irrelevant to contribute by saying:


‘my favourite cuisine is Mexican’



The above contribution on its own is not explicitly relevant to the discussion. However, a comment such as:


  • There is a fantastic restaurant in London called Taco Shell, who serve my favourite cuisine.


This comment is not only relevant to the discussion, but also enables the conversation to progress further.

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You can turn an irrelevant contribution into a relevant one if topic-specific information is added to your answer.

Phrases to Use


Asking for clarification shows that you are putting effort into gaining a deeper understanding of the topic:

  • ‘Can/Could I just ask…’


Asking for others’ opinions shows good communication skills and engagement with others:

  • ‘Why do you think…’


Asking for an opinion on a specific aspect of the topic, rather than the general idea, shows that you are thinking analytically:

  • ‘In your opinion…’


Noticing similarities between different issues demonstrates high-level thinking and general knowledge:

  • ‘A similar issue I am aware of…’


Linking up ideas and topics shows that you have a deep level of understanding and the ability to apply your knowledge:

  • ‘This also links to…’



FS Level 1FS Level 2AQAEdexcelCity & GuildsNCFEOpen AwardsHighfield Qualifications

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