Reading: Comparing Texts

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Reading: Comparing Texts Revision

Comparing Texts

Having one text will not always provide a full picture of the issue.

As a result, using more than one text can be a great way to gain this extra information.

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But, what do we compare?

When comparing more than one text, you will need to weigh up the similarities and differences.

For example, you could choose to compare the information they provide.


However, the information in each text may not always be enough to compare.

Instead, you may also need to identify techniques such as:

  • Bias
  • Opinions
  • Formality
  • Tone
  • Text Type
  • Presentational features
  • Facts
  • Linguistic features



FS Level 2AQAEdexcelCity & GuildsNCFEOpen AwardsHighfield Qualifications

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You may also be asked to extract evidence from given texts.

This will require finding a sentence, word, or theme in the text, which answers the question or strengthens previous answers.


For example:


”Provide a quotation from Text A and Text B which show that the writers are fed up with the behaviour of their next door neighbours.”


Potential answers may be:


  • Text A: ‘My children are not getting any sleep’.”
  • Text B: ‘It is never-ending stress’.”



FS Level 2AQAEdexcelCity & GuildsNCFEOpen AwardsHighfield Qualifications

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Example: Comparing Texts


Let’s compare these two texts about alcohol, look closely!


  • They have the same topic, audience and aim


  • One uses more persuasive language – e.g., using an instruction word


  • They have different presentational features – e.g., one includes a bullet pointed list.


  • They use different levels of bias – One of the texts is clearly biased


Can you identify which text each of these comparisons belong to?

See what else you can find!




FS Level 2AQAEdexcelCity & GuildsNCFEOpen AwardsHighfield Qualifications

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