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PFS Team December 4, 2021


Our free functional skills level 2 English online course can be accessed through Pass Functional Skills. This course covers all of the areas of the qualification, including the reading, writing, and speaking exams. To get access to the free functional skills English level 2 online course, you will need to sign up below:

Free Level 2 Online English Course – Free Registration


English Level 2 Course Contents

If you want more insight into the course before starting, the below video provides more details about the course features.

Most students start their functional skills English level 2 journey by taking the free online English test. This is a subject knowledge assessment to highlight some of the key areas you need to work on. It will help you with all 3 components of the level 2 qualification, and help to focus your revision energy into the areas that need it most.

Free Level 2 English Functional Skills Online Test

If you want to get access to the full premium course, then please submit the following form, and we will check your eligibility for the fully-funded Functional Skills English Level 2 course. You can also apply for a funded Maths course as well from this page.

Check to see if you are entitled to a free functional skills course by completing the form below:

The following cover the frequently asked questions about the free functional skills English level 2 online course:


Will the level 2 English course help me to pass?

Yes. The average exam marks of those taking the course are much higher, therefore giving you a much better chance of passing.

How long will the English course take to complete?

The recommended study time is around 50 hours, but it varies from learner to learner. You need to make sure you are feeling confident with the course materials before taking the exams.

Is there a paid version of the course that has more resources? 

Yes. You can get the full online functional skills level 2 English course here. This is the best English level 2 course available. You can first sign up to the free functional skills English level 2 online course first to see if you like it before you purchase the full course.

Is this Level 2 course accredited?

Our Level 2 English course is an Ofqual-regulated functional skills exams. You have to pass the exams in order to receive the accreditation and certificate.

Is the online exam accepted by my Uni/Job? 

Yes. The online exams are Ofqual-regulated, which means they are UK government-approved, and are accepted by everyone that accepts GCSE-equivalent qualifications.


How does the functional skills English level 2 online test work?



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