How to start good learning habits for your exams

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PFS Team February 26, 2024


Kickstarting your GCSE revision can be daunting, with the initial hurdle of getting started often proving to be one of the most challenging aspects. Establishing a consistent revision routine is crucial, transforming the process into second nature as you integrate it into your daily routine. This blog delves into various habits that you can pick up to guide you towards success in your exams.

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Effective Revision Habits

Adopting the following learning habits can significantly enhance your chances of doing well in your GCSEs:

1. Develop and adhere to a schedule

Whether you make a comprehensive GCSE revision timetable or just allocate a few hours each day for revision, having dedicated time will help separate it from the rest of your evening. Establishing a routine minimises guilt about neglecting revision and provides a clear plan for your study sessions.

2. Establishing a dedicated study space

Creating a designated space for revision, apart from your bedroom, proves immensely beneficial. This not only removes you from distractions but also ensures a clear boundary between your study and relaxation areas.

If an additional room isn’t possible, maintain a tidy bedroom and keep distractions out of reach. After completing your revision, tidy up to distinguish your relaxation time form study time.

3. Stay healthy

Resist the temptation to indulge in unhealthy eating habits during the exam period. Maintaining a generally healthy diet is crucial for sustaining energy levels and aiding concentration. While occasional treats are obviously acceptable, prioritise nutritious meals as much as you can.

Additionally, making sure you are getting sufficient sleep as this will really help with your concentration. You should also try exercise regularly, this will help to relieve stress. This could be anything from playing to going on a 30-minute walk.

4. Celebrate Achievements 

Acknowledging your hard work by rewarding yourself, this can help to motivate yourself. If you conquer a challenging topic or do well on a practice paper, reward yourself with a treat. Whether it’s a chocolate bar or allowing yourself a break to watch an episode of your favourites tv show. Allow yourself a guilt-free days off, especially after an extended period of daily revision.

MME Revision Challenge

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