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PFS Team April 29, 2023


Functional skills English is a qualification that people from all types of backgrounds require. In order to progress into further education, training, University, a job and even an apprenticeship, you need to have a GCSE grade C in English or a level 2 English qualification. Often, people don’t have a functional skills English qualification, as they weren’t born in this country or they didn’t engage in school; whatever your reason for needing it, Pass Functional Skills Can Help.

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For information about English exam bookings, watch the video below.

Whether you are looking to study functional skills English level 1 or level 2, our team is able to support you. From provision of market-leading courses to the Ofqual-regulated exams, we can ensure you are able to complete the full qualification from the comfort of your own home.

Functional Skills English Revision

As well as having formal courses for English level 1 and 2, we also have dedicated revision pages that students, tutors and even colleges use to help them cover the curriculum. See below to help you get started.

We normally recommend beginning with an initial diagnostic assessment to see which level you should study. Use the links below to find out more about the maths and English diagnostic tests:

Maths Diagnostic Tests

English Diagnostic Tests

You can also refer to the video below for an overview of the English level 2 course features.

At Pass Functional Skills, we also have a fast track service, whereby if you need the qualification quickly and you think you are ready to pass, then you can register directly for the English exams and sit them in a matter of days. We guarantee to have the fastest turnaround of exams and results out of any service. Read more about our level 1 and level 2 English exams below.

Level 1 Exam

Level 2 Exam

At Pass Functional Skills, we look to help learners with everything related to their functional skills English qualification. As well as the courses and exams, we also have other services as well, such as tuition and physical revision products like practice exam papers. Because we offer an end-to-end functional skills service, we have quickly become the number 1 support provider in the country for functional skills qualifications. If you would prefer to talk to someone from the support team directly, use the following number.

Functional Skills English Helpline: 020 4574 9155

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