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PFS Team March 7, 2024


As the GCSE exam season rapidly approaches, it’s time to dive into your revision efforts. In our tech-driven era, using social media for effective revision has emerged as an innovative and resourceful strategy. This article will delve into the ways you can utilise social media to elevate your GCSE revision. Join the MME Revision Challenge, where you can win a set of GCSE predicted papers. Read on to discover more about the MME Revision Challenge and how you can participate.


Revise Smart

Identify Credible Educational Accounts

Social media platforms host numerous educational accounts dedicated to various GCSE subjects. Platforms like TikTok and YouTube have content creators simplifying complex topics and offering study tips. Check out the MME Creators who have some amazing GCSE content to help you prepare for your exams. Also have a look at MME’s TikTok, @mmerevise, they share study tips, question walkthroughs, and plenty on GCSE content!

Utilise Educational Platforms

Educational platforms are tailored to provide the content you need, including video tutorials, practice questions and revision notes. These tools can complement traditional study materials, making your revision more dynamic and engaging. Explore MME Premium, it offers a comprehensive subscription covering various subjects across different exam boards. In order to find out more about MME Premium, use the link below.

MME Premium

Follow Relevant Accounts

Following exam boards and educational institutions on social media, especially Twitter, can be highly beneficial. This ensures you stay informed about important updates, exam tips, and additional resources to support your revision.

Stay Motivated with Study Challenges

Participate in study challenges on social media to inject a sense of community into your revision and maintain motivation. Join the MME Revision Challenge, designed to kickstart your revision journey!


MME Revision Challenge

MME are challenge you to complete a sections of any MME Premium course every day for 21 consecutive days. Research suggests that it takes 21 days to form a habit, and we want revision to become second nature to you. To participate, sign up to MME Premium and share proof of your daily revision on social media by tagging @mmerevise. You will win a pack of GCSE predicted paper.

To find out more about MME Premium and how to signup, use the links below.

Find out more about MME Premium

Sign up for MME Premium

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