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PFS Team November 24, 2022

At Pass Functional Skills, we prepare learners to complete level 2 Maths qualifications. We specialise in the functional skills Maths level 2, but do have expertise in GCSE Maths as well. This weeks’ article looks at the best GCSE Maths revision websites there are to help support learners of all abilities when preparing for a GCSE Maths exam.

You can access the best GCSE Maths revision resources including past papers, worksheets, and GCSE Maths questions from the MME site. Click the link below to visit the site and access the free resources:

GCSE Maths Revision

Knowing how to best use the materials is a key factor in how effective your revision will be. Generally, starting off with topic revision first is a good way to get into the revision. Using past papers is very popular, but when taken too early, can lower confidence, and also use up a valuable resource too early; therefore it is often best to leave these until you have worked through the course and have a good level of knowledge to attempt most questions.

If GCSE Maths is a qualification you have unsuccessfully attempted before, or you have looked at the specification and things like algebra put you off, then functional skills maths level 2 may be a better option. Submit the following form, and apply for funding to help you achieve your level 2 maths qualification.

Check to see if you are entitled to a free functional skills course by completing the form below:


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