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PFS Team January 15, 2024


It can be really difficult to know where to start with your revision. A great place to begin is with the help of a revision guide. Due to the varied nature of a revision guide, they are the perfect mixture of learning material you may have missed and consolidating topics you are more confident on. It is really important to find a revision guide that covers the whole curriculum. Here at Pass Functional Skills, we have found that the GCSE Maths revision guide from MME offers the most comprehensive coverage of the GCSE course. You will find that their revision guide in suitable for all exam boards. This includes AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC for both higher and foundation tiers.

What to expect from this revision guide?

The layout and content of a revision guide can vary between companies. We have found that the MME revision guide has the best split between explanation and do it yourself questions. Here are some of the features you will find in the MME GCSE Maths revision guide:

  • Topic Summary– Every topic contains a brief overview of what the topic is on and the basic knowledge you will need to know.
  • Skills, methods, formula and key concepts – All topics require you to know different key information. This could be a set of rules to follow, formulae you need to know or important methods you need to know to be able to answer the questions. As a result, you will find these shown for each topic. For example, the topic of ‘Velocity-Time Graphs’ shows a typical graph and highlights it’s key features.
  • Example Questions – You will find a number of worked examples within each topic. These show you the kind of questions you can expect to see in the exam, alongside detailed working out to help you understand the best way to answer the question.  All these questions contain an explanation of each step in the workings.
  • ‘Your Turn’ Section – Finally, at the end of each section there are a series of exam-style questions to test your topic knowledge. These vary in the number of marks available and mimic real exam questions. You will find a guide as to the level of difficulty each question is aimed at. When you receive your revision guide, you will also get a booklet containing worked solutions for all the questions.

Other Ways to Revise

It is important to supplement your revision with a range of resources. This is proven to improve knowledge retention, especially when using forms of active learning like practice papers and flashcards. MME have an abundance of revision materials on offer not just for maths, take a look at these by clicking the button below.

MME Maths Revision Resources

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