GCSE Maths Predicted Papers

GCSE Maths Predicted Papers

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PFS Team May 9, 2024


With exam season fast approaching, students will most likely be in the full swing of revision. One of the best ways to revise for your maths exam is by doing as many practice papers as you can. It can be difficult to find resources that you haven’t used before but are still relevant to the exam board you are sitting with. This is why MME’s maths predicted papers are really good to add to your revision, as all the questions are unique to MME.

GCSE Maths Predicted Papers from MME

Understanding Predicted Papers

Predicted papers are designed to mimic the real exam, with the same overall layout and style of questions. The papers have been made by analysing past papers and looking at exam trends. We use his information to make the papers as close to the real thing as we can. The MME predicted papers are tailored to reflect the style and difficulty level of the actual GCSE maths exam you will sit in the summer. This provides students with an authentic test of their knowledge.

Benefits of Using Predicted Papers

Using GCSE maths predicted papers in your revision is helpful to familiarise yourself with the exam format. This will help to reduce exam anxiety as you will be prepared for exactly what the exam will be like. Improving exam technique is also really useful for saving time, the more practice papers you do you will start to see where marks are awarded. This means that you can make your answers more concise. Therefore helping you save time for more challenging questions.

Key Features of MME Predicted Papers

  • Coverage of Exam Boards – There are a range of exam boards covered by MME’s predicted papers. The most popular being AQA, Edexcel and OCR. When purchasing the papers you will find that you can buy 1 set (A) or 3 sets (B, C & D). Each set contains 3 papers, the same as your real exam. All the papers are different and contain unique questions, so if you want extra practise then we recommend getting all 4 sets. As well as the more common exam boards, MME also have their predicted papers for WJEC and IGCSE.
  • Varied Difficulty Levels – The papers offered by MME span different difficulty levels. In short, the GCSE maths predicted papers are available in foundation and higher tier for AQA, Edexcel and OCR. Different tiers are offered for WJEC and IGCSE.
  • Detailed Mark Schemes – All MME papers come with detailed mark schemes to help you understand the reasoning behind each step of every question.


Finally, in your journey towards GCSE maths success, MME’s predicted papers prove invaluable in your revision. Guiding students through structured revision and further exam preparation. With their comprehensive coverage, varied difficulty levels and detailed solutions, MME’s predicted papers then give students the confidence to tackle their exams. Use the link below to take a look at the GCSE maths predicted papers.

GCSE Maths Predicted Papers


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