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Writing: Easy as ABC

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Writing: Easy as ABC Revision

Writing: Easy as ABC

Understanding the alphabet can be very helpful when creating and understanding texts.

Let’s have a look at how…


Make sure you are happy with the following topics before continuing:

What is it again?

First, let’s familiarise ourselves with the alphabet!



Take some time to read through the examples for each letter, and familiarise yourself with their order.



Entry Level 3EdexcelCity & GuildsNCFEOpen Awards

How do we use it? 



In texts such as dictionaries, registers and official records


…words or sections will often be placed in alphabetical order.



This is a useful way to organise information, as alphabets have a recognisable and unchanging order, just like number sequences.


Therefore, it makes it quicker and easier for readers to find the information they need!



Entry Level 3EdexcelCity & GuildsNCFEOpen Awards

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Example: How do we use it?




This is an index.


It is usually found at the back of reports, leaflets or detailed documents, and helps the reader by telling them which page information can be found on.


The topics are always listed in alphabetical order.


So, when the reader opens this report, they can easily find the information they need by using their knowledge of the alphabet.


The words in this example all begin with different letters



…but what about when words begin with the same letter?


How do we order them then?




Well, in this text, the alphabetical order is slightly different to in the last example we looked at.


Several of these topics have the same first or second letters, when this happens, we can´t just use the first letter to put them in order.


Instead, we need to go along the word and match up the letters until we see one with comes earlier in the alphabet.


Go through the topics and try it for yourself!



Entry Level 3EdexcelCity & GuildsNCFEOpen Awards

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