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Reading: Super Spelling

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Reading: Super Spelling Revision

Super Spelling

Words can be tricky to read when their spelling is different in comparison to how they sound, or if one word has multiple meanings.

This page will inform you of common words and their sounds.

Make sure you are happy with the following topics before continuing:


Context may help you to understand what a tricky word says and what it means.


Some words are homophones, meaning a word may sound the same but mean different things – watch out for those!


For example:

  • new/knew
  • ate/eight


If you are reading a text, the surrounding information may give you a clue as to what the word means.

Have a look at the following example:


“I wasn’t going to go to the shops, but bear with me and I will get ready.”


The surrounding context is helpful in this example as the information before and after gives a clue as to what it means.

 ‘Bear‘ means ‘wait‘ in this instance.

However, ‘bare‘ means exposed!

For example:

Trees look very bare in the autumn.


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Lets take a look at more specific words that you will need to read correctly by starting off warm


Say them aloud and see if you can identify where the sound goes!




Now lets go through some more…



Entry Level 3EdexcelCity & GuildsNCFEOpen Awards

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Getting Warmer…

Nearly there!


Getting even warmer, do the same with these words!




 And a few more…



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Boiling Hot!

Well done, you’re boiling hot!


The last set of words you will need to be able to read correctly contain suffixes!





-able/-ably – after ‘ge’ and ‘ce’, where ‘e’ is not dropped before adding the suffix:

  • changeable
  • noticeably



Entry Level 3EdexcelCity & GuildsNCFEOpen Awards

Example: Super Spelling


Below is a winter activities poster to raise money for the local dog shelter.


See if you can spot the common spelling mistakes within the text!

(Hint: there are four)




Did you spot:


Comitee —-> Committee

activity’s —-> activities

skateing —-> skating

fury —-> furry



Entry Level 3EdexcelCity & GuildsNCFEOpen Awards

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