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PFS Team March 12, 2024


For apprenticeships, functional skills are extremely important. Currently, apprentices must have at least a level 2 in maths and English to be able to complete their apprenticeship. Take a look at the government requirements. This means that functional skills and apprenticeships often go hand in hand, with lots of those working towards apprenticeships also completing their level 2 maths and English functional skills at the same time.  It may be the case that your apprenticeship provider run functional skills. Or you might need to get the qualification yourself, in this case you may be eligible for funding.

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Apprenticeship Functional Skills

What are functional skills?

Functional skills are a qualification in maths and English that demonstrate an individual possesses the essential skills required for jobs, education and daily life. They provide learners with the tools to communicate effectively, make informed decisions and solve problems. A level 2 functional skills qualification is the equivalent of a grade 4/C at GCSE.

Maths Functional Skills

In order to gain your functional skills maths qualification, you need to sit a 2 hour exam. This is sat online, with an online invigilator. The exam is split up into 2 parts; a half an hour non-calculator section and an hour and a half calculator section. Once you have passed this exam then you will receive your certificate to say that you have achieved your functional skills qualification. This will allow you to complete your apprenticeship.

English Functional Skills

For English, you need to have passed all three components to gain your functional skills qualification. These components are all sat as separate exams, they are reading, writing and the SLC (speaking, listening and communication). The reading and writing exams are both 1 hour exams but are commonly sat one after the other in a 2 hour slot. The SLC is then sat on another day and takes around 2 hours. You must pass each component in order to get your certificate.

Completing Your Apprenticeship

Undoubtedly, completing your functional skills proves invaluable for those working towards apprenticeships. You will not be able to complete your apprenticeship without at least a functional skills in maths and English, so it is really important to consider this.


Functional Skills and Apprenticeships

With the close relationship between apprenticeships and functional skills, we are used to helping learners completing both at the same time. You will find lots of resources to help you with revision on our website, take a look using the links below. Whether you have a specific apprenticeship in mind or are still looking, it can be a good idea to get a head start with your functional skills. This will make it easier for yourself when you start your apprenticeship. While you can complete both at the same time, it can be hard to keep up with everything. In view of this you may like to have your maths and English qualifications before you start your apprenticeship.

Functional Skills Maths Level 2

Functional Skills English Level 2

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