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Functional Skills Maths Level 1 Course

Functional Skills Maths Level 2

  • Functional Skills Maths Level 1 Course

  • Video Tutorials, Pre-Assessments, Progress tracking and Exam Questions.

  • 20+ Full mock papers included

  • Relevant to City & Guilds, Edexcel, NCFE, AQA & Open Awards

  • Lowest cost course - Payment plans are available if needed.


Functional Skills Maths Level 1 Course

Functional Skills Maths Level 2


What can I do on this level 1 course?

Pre-Assessment – The pre-assessment we provide is done before the course truly begins. It consists of a few questions that cover a large portion of the curriculum and helps you to find out what areas and topics you should focus more on.

Video Tutorials – One of our specialised tutors explain each topic from start to finish, in as much detail as possible in order to make sure you’re prepared for your exam. It covers everything from decimals to the more difficult algebraic questions. The tutor also goes through a large range of questions as well to ensure there is nothing that pops up unexpectedly during the exam.

Practice Questions – All of the topics we provide have multiple difficulties when it comes to each question, we have easy, medium and hard questions that you can tackle in any order depending on how confident you are at the topic at hand.

Exam Questions – After going through the practice questions we also give you access to some exam style questions, we provide a large number of different questions so you can request as many as you would like until you’re completely confident with the topic at hand.

Mock Exams – Once you believe you are confident enough on a certain topic you can move onto our mock exams. These are full exams that you can do within your own time. There are more than 30 different functional skills mock papers for maths and they come from all the different exam boards such as Edexcel, AQA etc. in order to help you to pass!

Progress Tracking – As you complete each question and mock exam on the course, the course saves your progress, which allows you to go back to the topics you found difficult or maybe you are feeling unconfident in them. Each of these are saved in order to help you figure out what your main revision topics should be.

Pass Rates – Due to our ever-increasing number of learners signing up for our functional skills courses, we have a large amount of data proving that those who purchase and use our level 1 course have a greatly increased chance of passing their exam first time!

Unlimited Access – During the time you are taking the level 1 course you will have unlimited access to all of the tools we provide, including everything listed above, so feel free to access all of them as much as you’d like!

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How do I revise using functional skills maths level 1 course?


There are many ways that a learner can start preparing for their functional skills level 1 exam. Our functional skills maths level 1 course is simple and easy to use, helping learners of all ages get by and help pass their exam. The first thing our course does is a pre-assessment, this helps you to find out what areas you need to work on the most. The pre-assessment has proven to be very useful to a lot of learners, especially those with less time to study as it narrows down your revision areas. We do still recommend all learners to study all topics as it will give the greatest chance of success at the time of the exam.

Videos and Practice Questions

Using the video tutorials you are able to start revising the topics and begin understanding all the different types of questions. Feel free to try out the practice questions after some revision, and after you decide you’re comfortable answering questions on said topic, move onto the exam questions where you can. Our revision course allows you to also keep track of your progress during the course as each answer is saved, which helps you to figure out your weaker areas. You can even come back at a later date and go through each topic again just to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything on the way!

Practice Tests and Mock Exams

As the exam is coming up and your revision is helping you a lot, you’ll be able to move on to the practice tests and mock exams. A lot of our learners start trying these too early and panic slightly due to the fact they haven’t practiced enough on each topic. We recommend leaving the mock exams until after you’ve gone through most of the level 1 course, this in turn, helps you to attempt the mock exams with more confidence and a higher chance of scoring at a pass or above! There is a number of level 1 maths exams for you to use for your revision. Each question on the mock exams have video explainations to help you figure out where you went wrong, and the system still tracks your progress so you can know which exams you’ve done to make sure of no repeats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the functional skills maths course suitable for my exam?

Yes! Our level 1 course is suitable for a large number of exam boards and exams.

Will the course help me to pass my level 1 exam?

Of course. We’ve found out from the thousands of learners we’ve sat that using our course helps to improve your chances of success drastically. A majority of learners who use our course pass on their first try!

How long do I have access for?

Access to the course lasts for 1 whole year, however if you feel like you need more time with it, feel free to contact our admin team and they can help you to make this happen.

Does the course have everything I need?

Yes! Even only using the online course should be enough for you to pass!

Can I take your course and sit the exam in college?

We have a large number of college students taking our functional skills maths course while they’re doing their college work as it increases the pass rates. You can still arrange sitting the exam in college as you would normally.

Do you have a City and Guilds functional skills maths course?

Yes, Our course is built for multiple different exam board specifications, including City & Guilds.

Do you have a free functional skills maths level 1 online course?

Yes, you can use a free version of our level 1 maths course as a trial and then upgrade to the paid version once you’ve had the pre-assessment and looked over the sample materials.

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Associated Learning Materials

Use the learning materials below alongside the course to provide you with assistance where you need it.

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