Complete Tuition Ltd is available to offer Multiply Interventions as a main provider for smaller contracts and as a supporting provider for larger contracts. Through our Pass Functional Skills platform and our sister service MME, we receive over 5 million unique visitors to our platforms each year, with the vast majority of these learners coming to us to study maths. Our service provides the following support that could be used as part of a Multiply intervention.

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Online Courses for Multiply Scheme

We have a dedicated learning platform that contains practice questions, learning exercises and revision videos. This currently caters for the level 2 curriculum, but can easily be adapted to introduce sector and industry-specific courses. Each course determines the initial level of each learner, which can be used as a record of prior learning, and also to demonstrate the progress made as the learner works through the course. Each time a learner attempts a question or exercise, their ‘current level’ will be updated to reflect the progress made.

All of our course software is developed in-house, using cutting edge technology, giving us the ability to make high-quality online courses in really short spaces of time. We think this will be extremely useful to meet the demands of Multiply contracts, especially in the 2022/23 financial year, where councils and local authority areas are expecting quick turnaround times.

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Physical Resources & Tuition

As well as online course materials, we can also provide physical resources that we create and publish in-house. These include revision guides and revision cards. These learning aids are well-received by the adult education institutions and further education colleges that currently use our service. Again, these are currently tailored to the level 2 maths curriculum for GCSE and functional skills, but we could adapt and print specifically for the Multiply programme if required.

As well as course materials, we also have qualified, experienced and DBS-checked tutors who can deliver lessons for Multiply across all the different range of courses.

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Yes. We have been accepted for smaller council contracts, but are looking to provide support to main bidders of larger contracts. We would also like to support the main Multiply digital platform when this contract tender is open, as we have most of the provision in place, especially from a technology perspective.

Yes. We have tutor/course leader logins, where each learner can be attached to a specified course and course leader. This enables tutors and course leaders to log in and have an overview of all the learners associated with them, as well as track each learner’s progress.

Our course details the initial starting point of each learner, the progress made, the number of questions attempted and the scores achieved in each exercise. This information is aggregated, and can be accessed through management logins.

Yes. We have process, policy, and procedure in place for all activities and have already gone through the selection process with other Multiply contracts, so are aware of the standard requirements. We also undergo yearly policy reviews as a registered exam centre, so things like our Health and Safety, Diversity, Safeguarding policies etc. are reviewed regularly.

Yes, we offer Ofqual regulated level 2 examinations and qualifications as part of our current learner support packages.

From content creation, to software development, to exam provision, our service is uniquely positioned as the only vertically-integrated offering, with all service components being developed and delivered by our in-house teams. This means we have the ability to redeploy staff to deliver time-critical Multiply interventions.

We are starting to work with main providers for a number of Multiply schemes across different local authority areas.

Yes. As we have 5 million unique website visitors a year, we have a wider audience reach than any other provider involved in this provision. We have thousands of learners in each local area using our revision materials and learning platform every month. We can therefore quickly target different Multiply schemes in different local areas through our website and existing user base to support uptake onto the Multiply programme in your area.