GCSE maths for adults

GCSE Maths for Adults

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PFS Team April 5, 2023

We have a dedicated GCSE Maths for adults service, and GCSE Maths for adult courses that can be accessed directly through this website. In order to enquire about a funded GCSE Maths course, please submit the form below, and one of our support team will be in touch to explain how it works. Whether you need a GCSE Maths qualification for university, work or an apprenticeship, we can help.

Check to see if you are entitled to a free functional skills course by completing the form below:

Studying GCSE Maths at any age can be quite daunting if Maths isn’t your thing, but coming back to it after sometime away from academia can be really scary and cause feelings of embarrassment. The first thing to say is no matter what your Maths ability or confidence level, we can help! We have some adults starting right back at the basics of times tables and fractions, and we help everyone make progress towards their ambition of achieving a GCSE Maths qualification or equivalent.

GCSE Maths for Adults Helpline: 020 4574 9155

Our GCSE Maths for adults service is focussed on delivering the best support for every learner. Whether you need this qualification to access a University course or to improve your chances for employment, we can help. Our GCSE Maths adult courses are taken by thousands of learners every year, and are aimed at improving confidence as well as gaining the qualification. The most popular course adults take is the functional skills Maths level 2, which is a GCSE equivalent.  The functional skills level 2 is the fast track GCSE option that most adult learners take, because it can be done online and at anytime throughout the year.

Functional Skills Online 

There are other options for GCSE Maths adult courses if you are not looking to complete a formal qualification, and you just want to brush up on your skills. You can opt to complete a self-study adult Maths course that will help to improve your basic skills and confidence. Follow the button below for more GCSE Maths adult courses.

Online GCSE Courses 

For anything relating to GCSE Maths for Adults, our team are on-hand to help. Whether you submit a funded form above, or you call our support team directly, we will look to understand why you are looking to study GCSE maths, and what is the best route for you.

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