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PFS Team January 24, 2024


Flashcards are a great way to kickstart your GCSE revision. With key concepts condensed down to the need to know information, they are a great way to streamline your revision. MME‘s GCSE maths revision cards are available in foundation and higher tier. They cover all the topics that you will need to know for your exam.

GCSE Maths Revision Cards

Benefits of Flashcards

GCSE Maths Flashcards are a great way to supplement your revision. The condensed nature of revision cards makes them ideal for repeated use to help nail those key concepts. They are really great to use at the start and end of a revision section, this will help you to highlight weaker areas to focus your revision on and retest yourself at the end to see if you’ve improved.

The MME flashcards contain key formulae that you will need to know for your GCSE Maths exam, test yourself or get someone else to test you to make sure you know them!

The MME Revision Cards

These GCSE maths flashcards are split up into all the topics that are on the GCSE maths exam. The topics are:

  • Numbers
  • Algebra
  • Graphs
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Geometry and Measure
  • Pythagoras and Trigonometry
  • Probability and Statistics

These topics are generally the same for both higher and foundation, but they are broken down to match the content on the exam. Must-know sections are colour coded so you know that they are very likely to be on the exam. Some cards contain explanations of important concepts and others have practice questions. While revision cards are a great way to revise, they are best used alongside other types of revision. For instance, you could use the flashcards to highlight weak areas, then revise this are using a revision guide and finally consolidate your knowledge with practice questions.

The MME flashcards are applicable to all exam boards as they cover key areas of the curriculum. Alongside the use of past papers and revision guides you will find that these revision cards perfectly supplement your learning. The compact nature makes them ideal to use when you’re out and about. As a result, they are ideal for use on the bus or while your are watching TV. Whenever you find an extra 5 minutes to squeeze in some revision.

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