GCSE English Resit 2024

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PFS Team June 25, 2024


English GCSE is a key subject in the UK. Choosing to resit your GCSE English exam and improve your grade is a great way to improve your future opportunities. English is often a subject employers and education providers use as part of their minimum entry requirements. For example, most sixth-form colleges in the UK require that you have at least a grade 4 in English. A GCSE English resit is open to students of all ages, including adults.

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GCSE English Resit



To sit a GCSE English resit exam, you will need to register in advance. At MME Exams we can take care of this for you. We can book your exam at your local examination centre, registering you as a private candidate. English GCSE resit exams typically take place in the summer, between May and June, or in November of each year. These are the only times GCSE English exams run.



One of the best ways to help yourself pass a GCSE English exam is by revising. Make sure you learn all the materials prior to your exam, and practice with past exam papers or questions. Through revision and practice, you can identify areas of the English exam you most need to improve. MME Exams offers a GCSE English course that gives you access to large range of useful and effective resources to revise with. These include English tutor-created tutorial videos and mock exams to practice with.



MME Exams can book you as a private candidate for your GCSE resit exam. We’ll also book your exam at the examination centre that is closest to you. This is where you’ll sit your sit exam on the exam date and time. You will be expected to sit the GCSE English exam under exam conditions.


Why Book your GCSE English Resit with MME Exams?

Passing or improving your grade in GCSE English can be beneficial to your future prospects. It could help you get into to a sixth-form college, or help you land a job after school. At MME Exams we support learners from many backgrounds. Our students need this qualification for different reasons, including sixth form and employment, but also for getting into teaching and pursuing apprenticeships.

All GCSE English resit exams that you can register for through MME Exams are Ofqual regulated. This means you can be confident you are getting a true GCSE English qualification. Our friendly and professional team will arrange everything for you, freeing you to study. Our fantastic GCSE English revision course is also here help students revise.

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GCSE English Resit Exam

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