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Whether you are looking for a functional skills course in Southampton or you are asking yourself, is there a functional skills center near me, we are here to help. Our dedicated service helps learners of all ages to find functional skills maths and english level 2 courses and exams in Southampton and the surrounding areas.

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Introduction to Functional Skills in Southampton

The Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications is a great alternative to GCSEs and can serve as a platform for you to get that better job or higher form of education. It is equivalent to a GCSE grade C and is accepted by many Universities and employers around the UK. Functional Skills Level 2 covers less subject matter so results will be faster, and you have the choice of taking it when you want and when you feel ready. This is a big plus for the older learners who may have less time due to being busy with other daily life activities such as work and childcare.

Level 2 Courses

If enrolling in the functional skills course, there are many colleges in the city of Southampton. Covering functional skills for many is an easier task as the required needed content to learn is not as demanding as other courses. Numerous students will take this course alongside other courses they may be doing at the time. As well as taking the exam at a physical location, these exams can be taken in the comfort of your own home with an online invigilator. This is also an advantage for adult learners as they may have less time available because of work commitments or children’s needs. Functional skills will give students a chance to progress their education and to be given more chances in jobs.

Level 2 Exams

Here you can book your exams and courses for Functional Level 2 in Southampton. You don’t have to proceed with the course materials if you are confident in your own knowledge and can book the exam straight away. This is convenient for people who are in need of their qualifications as quickly as possible. There are multiple test sites in the city of Southampton where you can book your test but you can also take this exam from home if you require.

Revision Materials and Past Papers

To help learners with their preparation for their exams, we have lots of free functional skills resources as well as course materials. See the list below to help you start your revision.

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