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Whether you are looking for a functional skills course in Portsmouth or you are asking yourself, is there a functional skills center near me, we are here to help. Our dedicated service helps learners of all ages to find functional skills maths and english level 2 courses and exams in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

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Introduction to Functional Skills in Portsmouth

Functional Skills, in essence, is a qualification that you can earn that is equivalent to a GCSE Maths/English qualification at a PASS grade. So it would be worth around a C grade. The majority that aims to sit the exams for Functional Skills are doing so because their employer requires the GCSE qualification, or at least an equivalent. By taking and passing the Functional Skills Level 2 Maths/English exam. You will be opening many doors that you didn’t have access to before. Allowing opportunities in jobs and education.

To support people who wish to take their Functional Skills Level 2 Online Exams. We offer localized services, offering assistance to those within certain areas. This page focuses on the services offered around the Portsmouth area. In order to cater to these needs and ensure that our services are fully available, we are affiliated with a number of colleges in Portsmouth. Including:

  • City of Portsmouth College
  • Highbury College

Level 2 Courses

In order to support you and ensure that you are ready to take your Functional Skills exam, we offer courses in both Maths and English. These specialized courses are based entirely on what will appear in the actual online exam. Going through the entire Functional Skills curriculum. As well as going through working examples and practice questions based on the questions present in the actual exam. Making the courses an excellent choice for those who are unsure if they are ready to take the online exam. We offer a lot of flexibility in regards to the courses, as the entirety of it is taken online. Meaning that there will be no need to travel anywhere in order to learn. As well as the course itself is designed to be taken whenever you have free time. Excellent for those who have busy or changing schedules.

Level 2 Exams

Alongside offering the Maths and English courses. We also offer the opportunity to book the Functional Skills Level 2 Online Exam itself. For both subjects. To support this we have test centers in the Portsmouth area. As well as the option to take the exam from the comfort of your own home is there is no test center within traveling distance. You don’t even need to take the course prior to sitting the exam if you believe you are ready.

Revision Materials and Past Papers

To help learners with their preparation for their exams, we have lots of free functional skills resources as well as course materials. See the list below to help you start your revision.

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