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Introduction to Functional Skills in Peterborough

Functional skills level 2 qualifications are equivalent to a grade C at GCSE and are required by most employers and all Universities. Having these qualifications can improve employment opportunities and will enable you to apply for University courses. Unlike the GCSE, functional skills have much faster results and can be sat at any point during the year. The functional skills level 2 course also contains less content, which makes it more accessible and attainable for learners who may have other commitments.

Level 2 Courses

Functional courses in Peterborough can be accessed through a variety of colleges that offer relevant qualifications. Typically, students take the functional skills level 2 exams in conjunction with other access courses and certifications. Moreover, besides attending physical classes, distance learning is an alternative option to complete the course from the comfort of one’s home. This is especially useful for adults who have work or family obligations. Pass Functional Skills assists learners in locating functional skills level 2 courses in Peterborough, or alternatively, organize remote learning options for them.

Level 2 Exams

With our service, you can book and sit for your level 2 functional skills exams in Peterborough. We offer various test centres and college courses in and around Peterborough, which you can find listed below. If you feel prepared, you can directly book an exam without having to take a course. These level 2 qualifications are critical whether you are applying for a University course, such as nursing or applying to the Police, or looking to advance into a more senior position at work.

Revision Materials and Past Papers

To help learners with their preparation for their exams, we have lots of free functional skills resources as well as course materials. See the list below to help you start your revision.

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