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Here at Pass Functional Skills, we aim to provide guidance regarding functional skills level 2 courses and exams. Helping those in the city as well as the surrounding areas.

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Introduction to Functional Skills in Bristol

The Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications are GCSE equivalents that are a mandatory requirement that most employers and Universities ask for. The Maths and English qualifications are equal to a grade GCSE grade C. The Functional Skills exams are a more flexible option than the GCSE as they are offered all year round and the results are returned quicker.  As well as this, there is extremely less content to cover meaning that this qualification is much more accessible, especially for those with a full-time job.

Level 2 Courses

You can book onto a Functional Skills course in Bristol through many colleges as many offer these qualifications. Learners often take the Functional Skills level 2 exams at the same time as other access courses and qualifications. There are distance learning opportunities that are offered with this course as well as in-person sessions in colleges and other various places. This is normally more convenient for adult learners as they often have other commitments.  Here at Pass Functional Skills, we help all of our learners find Functional Skills level 2 courses in Bristol or make sure they are able to take it from the comfort of their own home.

Level 2 Exams

You can enrol and take your level 2 Functional Skills exams in Bristol through this site. We have multiple test centers and college courses available in the Bristol area. The course is optional if you feel ready to book your exam but we always recommend the course to ensure you are fully prepared. No matter if you applying for the course to get into university, a senior job role or just to enhance your status, the level 2 qualifications are essential.

Revision Materials and Past Papers

See below for our selection of excellent, free functional skills revision resources

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