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Are you looking for a Functional Skills course or a Functional Skills centre in Birmingham? If so we are here to help! At Pass Functional Skills we have dedicated services that help students of all ages in finding Functional Skills maths and English level 2 exam centres in Birmingham as well as the surrounding areas. As well as finding courses and exams we also have functional skills resources and support services for all students.

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Introduction to Functional Skills in Birmingham

Functional Skills Level 2 is a qualification that is equivalent to a PASS grade in GCSE maths/English. Which is required by a good majority of employers and education providers in the UK. By taking and passing a Functional Skills Maths or English exam, you will gain the equivalent to a C in that subject; which will enable you to apply to all sorts of jobs and higher education courses including Nursing, Policing, Teaching as well as apprenticeships and other professions.

A benefit of taking a Functional Skills Level 2 over retaking your GCSEs is that it can be taken all year round. Additionally there is significantly less subject matter in the functional skills that you will be required to study so generally people find it easier.

Numerous colleges throughout Birmingham offer these qualifications, or offer to support you in some way. These colleges include:

  • Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College
  • Cadbury College
  • Edgbaston College
  • Many more colleges

We also offer distance learning so people can study from home and even take the exams from home with 1-2-1 online invigilation.

Functional Skills Courses Birmingham

As mentioned before, you can enrol in a functional skills course through a college within Birmingham. A lot of the time, these students will take a Functional Skills course besides their already ongoing college course. However, that is not the only option that is available to you. Students also approach us themselves in order to enquire about Functional Skills. We support this by having other distance learning options, giving you the opportunity of working from home. By doing this we are offering a lot of flexibility, as well as offering convenience for those mature students that have commitments such as children and work. All of the qualifications offered are Ofqual regulated, so can be used to gain access into University as well as improve employment prospects.

Functional Skills Level 2 Exams

Alongside the option to book the course in Birmingham through us, we also offer this for the exam itself. Having test centers throughout Birmingham that you can take your exam in (or from home if you prefer). We also offer the option of taking no course at all if you feel confident in your knowledge of the subject matter. So you don’t have to wait to finish the course before you can take your exam.

If your future goals are to be accepted into a university course, or other opportunities such as the police or nursing, and you don’t have the correct qualifications. Functional skills will give you the chance you need in order to reach your goals.

Functional Skills Level 2 Revision Materials

Alongside the course that we offer, we also provide a wide range of different revision resources, specifically tailored around the exams that you will be taking to gain your qualification. You can see the list below for all the revision materials that we offer for Functional Skills Level 2.

Locations in Birmingham

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