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PFS Team December 4, 2023

There are all sorts of ways to revise for the level 2 exams, but a great place to start is a functional skills English level 2 book. At Pass Functional Skills, we support learners with a wide variety of resources, including revision guides and books. In this short blog, we will cover the best functional skills English level 2 revision resources to help people start their revision journey.

Functional Skills English Level 2 Book – Pocket Guide




This pocket guide is really useful for anyone working towards their English level 2 functional skills qualification. The Pass Functional Skills pocket guide is a revision guide that covers all the required content from the government specification, helping you on your way to passing your exam first time. Everything is broken down into separate topics to help you split up your revision.

Our revision guide explains every topic in detail, including examples of exam-style questions that you could be faced with. There are QR codes at the end of each topic, which when scanned will take you to extra revision resources. Throughout the guide, there are practice questions for you to have a go at, along with answers at the back of the book.


Functional Skills English Level 2 Revision Cards



These level 2 English revision cards offer a different way to revise, they are great to use alongside our revision guide and mock exams. Flashcards make it really easy to do some useful revision when you have a spare 5 minutes, whether it be on your way home from work or college, or if you’re watching TV. Little and often is a good way to help methodologies and concepts stay in your long term memory. Our revision cards cover a range of topics that you will need to know for your English functional skills level 2 exam, from grammar to imagery to exam tips.


You can get purchase our pocket guide directly off Amazon, to ensure super fast shipping via Amazon Prime. On Amazon, we also have a functional skills maths level 2 pocket guide and a book containing maths mini tests. As well as our functional skills revision guides, we also have lots and lots of other resources to help people pass their exam. From a comprehensive course to a pack of revision guides, we have every aspect of the functional skills level 2 maths and English covered. Pass your functional skills English level 2 exam with the support of Pass Functional Skills.

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