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Reading: Detecting Language Techniques

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Reading: Detecting Language Techniques Revision

Language Techniques

You will need to know what different language techniques are used in texts and how to spot them.

This page will leave you feeling more confident on recognising the different features used in texts.

Make sure you are happy with the following topics before continuing.


In texts that persuade the reader, they usually contain direct address. This is so it forms more of a personal tone in order to make it more persuading.


For example:


“We need to think about how to improve the school council meetings”


Using ‘we‘ makes it more personal as it is more inclusive of the reader. This way, the reader may be more inclined to do something and is therefore directly addressing.



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slogan is a catchy phrase that adverts use in order to make the reader remember it.

Think about any advertisement that uses a slogan. What kind of language techniques do they use in order to catch the reader’s attention?

The main language feature used within a slogan is:




Alliteration involves having more than one word with the same letter, in the same phrase and close together.

However, words with different letters may separate them to some degree, meaning they do not ALL begin with the same letter – this is still alliteration!



Take a look at the coffee shop advert…



…The alliteration here is ‘cup of coffee courage!‘.

Notice how it is catchy and easy to remember?

Despite ‘of‘ breaking the sequence, it is still alliteration as they are all close together and all begin with ‘c‘.



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Exclamation marks!

Exclamation marks create a sense of excitement or urgency.

They can also be used when something is important or to express strong feelings.

Usually, we would find exclamation marks in informal texts or texts for a younger audience as they introduce a fun element or even shock.


For example:


“I can’t believe it is Christmas next week!”


The purpose of the exclamation mark here is to express excitement for Christmas.



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Rule of 3

The rule of three is a technique used in texts where writers use three words or phrases in the form of a list to create emphasis.


For example:


“The costume was itchy, small and hot


See how there are three adjectives in a row to describe the costume?


Persuasive writing also uses this technique. Would you buy the costume if it was itchy, small and hot?



FS Level 1AQAEdexcelCity & GuildsNCFEOpen AwardsHighfield Qualifications

Reading: Detecting Language Techniques Worksheet and Example Questions

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