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PFS Team October 4, 2023

There isn’t a free BKSB assessment practice test as all BKSB initial assessments are currently charged on a per use basis. If you are looking for a BKSB Functional Skills Initial Assessment for free then try the Pass Functional Skills diagnostic tests for free! Our advanced initial assessments offer a comprehensive test of a learners ability in maths and English, clearly demonstrating recognition of prior learning. Once you know what level a learner is working at we then have further diagnostic tests to determine topic specific areas to work on. We offer both maths and English diagnostic tests.

Take a look at the blogs linked below to find out more information about our maths and English diagnostic assessments:

Maths Diagnostic Tests

English Diagnostic Tests

The diagnostic tools consist of 2 market leading assessments:

  1. Functional Skills Initial Assessment – This is a bespoke functional skills initial assessment used to determine the level a student is working at, and suggests what course they should be enrolled on following this. Each question has been carefully selected, and the number of correct answers and difficulty weighting of the questions are used to accurately calculate the students level. This level sets a baseline to track the progress made once the student progresses onto the course.
  2. Subject Knowledge Assessment – This is an assessment specific for each course, which assesses a students knowledge across all topics on the course, and then recommends them topics to revise depending on how well they did in the assessment. This allows you to tailor your revision and focus on the topics you struggled on in the subject knowledge assessment, before having to have made any progress on the course topics themselves.

Click the link below to try Pass Functional Skills own free test similar to the BKSB functional skills diagnostic test.

Free Functional Skills Diagnostic Assessment

If you require functional skills courses, or online exams, then complete the form below and one of our support team members will be in touch to discuss our options with you.

Alternatively, call to one of our friendly team on our functional skills helpline.

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So if you are looking for a BKSB Assessment Practice Test Free version then use our free initial assessments and diagnostic tests. Once you have completed both of the diagnostic tests, upgrade to receive full course features, including revision videos, 100’s of practice questions, exam style question topic tests and mock exams, all with written or video solutions and progress tracking! There is also a comprehensive reporting suite so that training providers and educators can track the progress of individual students as well as larger cohorts. Read more about this via the button below.

More Information for Training Providers

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