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Functional Skills: Angles

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Functional Skills: Angles Revision


In this section, we’ll look at identifying angles, and labelling them as acute, obtuse, or right-angular.

Entry Level 3EdexcelCity & GuildsNCFEOpen Awards

How to Label Angles

Angles are used to tell you the size of a corner.


For example, here’s a triangle:

Its angles are pretty small, and we’ll refer to these as acute.


Now, here’s a different triangle:

You might’ve noticed that it now has two small angles, and one large one, which we’ll call an obtuse angle.


But wait… How do we define a small or a large angle? That’s pretty vague.

Well, to reference from, we’ll introduce¬†right-angles – angles that are perfectly square.

Here’s a right-angled triangle:


Entry Level 3EdexcelCity & GuildsNCFEOpen Awards

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Non-Triangular Shapes

Squares and rectangles are four-sided shapes which have four right-angles:

… And we also have circles, which have no angles at all!

Entry Level 3EdexcelCity & GuildsNCFEOpen Awards

Functional Skills: Angles Example Questions

There are four right-angles in a rectangle.

Angle b is bigger.

a – Right-angle

b – Obtuse

c – Acute

d – Right-angle

Functional Skills: Angles Worksheet and Example Questions

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