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Whether you are looking for a functional skills course in Leicester or you are asking yourself, is there a functional skills center near me, we are here to help. Our dedicated service helps learners of all ages to find functional skills maths and english level 2 courses and exams in Leicester and the surrounding area.

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Introduction to Functional Skills in Leicester

The Functional Skills Level 2 qualification is Ofqual approved and equivalent to a GCSE Level 4/Grade C, meaning that it is perfect for those who did not achieve a passing grade in their Maths or English GCSE. It may even be necessary for those who did not achieve a GCSE Pass to have a Functional Skills Level 2 qualification when applying to Universities or job roles. In comparison to GCSEs, you can obtain your Functional Skills qualification at any point in the year, and the turn-around for results is generally quicker. Furthermore, the Functional Skills have a reduced content list, which means that revision is more manageable, especially for learners with additional commitments.

Level 2 Courses

In Leicester, you can enroll on a Functional Skills Level 2 course through colleges. Learners can take the Functional Skills Level 2 course alongside other qualifications if they wish to. Additionally, there is the option of distance learning, where learners can take the course entirely from the comfort of their own home – this is preferable for some learners due to the conveniences. We understand many learners have other responsibilities and commitments; distance learning is flexible and easy to incorporate into daily life. Here at Pass Functional Skills, we strive to help learners find Functional Skills courses in Leicester or help them organize the course at home.

Level 2 Exams

If you need to book your Functional Skills Level 2 Exams or sit it, you can do so with our services. There is a range of test centers and college courses available in Leicester and the surrounding areas – you can view the list of locations below. If you feel confident and capable, you can book the exam without taking the course. Not only are these qualifications are useful when applying to a University, but you can use the qualification when applying to the Police, Nursing, and Teaching. Furthermore, the Functional Skills Level 2 qualification can be used for job progression or those whose gained overseas qualifications are not recognized by UK education systems.

Revision Materials and Past Papers

To help learners with their preparation for their exams, we have lots of free functional skills resources as well as course materials. See the list below to help you start your revision.

Locations in Leicester

Leicester City CentreAylestone
Westcotes Frog Island
Spinney HillsBraunstone Town