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PFS Team January 9, 2023

Many of those who need a level 2 qualification in Maths ask how to get Maths GCSE quickly, and the answer is that there are a number of options. Firstly, the fastest way to get a level 2 qualification in Maths is to complete a functional skills Maths exam. This is accepted as a GCSE grade C/Level 4 by most universities and employers. The main advantage of functional skills is that you can get registered and get the certificate within a few weeks, sometimes as little as 2 weeks, whereas the standard GCSE takes months. Use the form below to see if you are eligible for a free GCSE Maths or functional skills Maths course:

If you are still interested in studying the full GCSE Maths course quickly, then you must register for the exam as soon as possible, as there are only 2 exam sittings a year, in November and in May/June. In order to complete the qualification, you will have to complete 3 exam papers at an exam centre. You cannot sit the exams online like functional skills Maths. You can register for a GCSE Maths exam below.

GCSE Maths Exam

If you are still wondering how to get GCSE Maths quickly, then there is one other option. If you are looking to go into teaching or midwifery, then the GCSE Maths equivalency test is always an option. This is specifically for those looking to get into teaching or some midwifery courses.

GCSE Maths Equivalency Test

You are able to complete this qualification in a matter of days, although it is advised you take longer in order to properly prepare for the exam.

Please call 020 4574 9155 if you have any questions about how to retake your GCSE Maths quickly, or how to register for one of the equivalent qualifications.

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