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PassFunctionalSkills Team October 7, 2021

There are all sorts of different functional skills maths level 2 practice tests from mock papers to original exam papers. This article is here to provide access to all of the different kinds of functional skills maths level 2 practice tests. The resource that most students use (usually to early!) are the exam board past papers. These are the closest thing to the real exam that you will find. It is also worth noting that exam papers from other exam boards are also useful, so for instance, you may be sitting City & Guilds, but the Open Awards papers will still be of use as well as all the other exam boards.


The key thing to note is that the level 2 maths qualification was reformed in 2019, so using old past papers before this time is not going to be as useful. Get access to all the the past paper tests and mark schemes below. You can also access the functional skills maths level 2 practice tests PDF format so you can easily download them and start your revision instantly.

Functional Skills Level 2 Past Papers

Along with the paper version of past papers are also online mock exams. You can access the Open Awards mock here. You can use the following video mark scheme to help you mark the practice paper. With this online mock it is worth noting that the system doesn’t store your answers to please use the video below to help mark your paper, question by question. If you want to book an actual online exam (that is Ofqual regulated) you can book here.


After you have exhausted the past papers then it is worth looking at other functional skills maths level 2 practice tests. The best practice papers that you will find that come with original questions, formatted in the same way as the actual exam are below. This set of 20 practice papers also come with mark schemes and are delivered to your door so you don’t even have to worry about printing them.

20 Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Practice Papers

The other type of functional skills maths level 2 practice test is called a pre-assessment. This tells you what topics you need to work on and what areas to focus on. You can access the free pre-assessments via the button below.

Functional Skills Pre Assessment


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